A.J. Green- 2011 Draft Scouting Report


Right now, Georgia receiver A.J. Green is the front runner to be my number one overall NFL draft prospect. Scouts all over the country are debating between Julio Jones and Green for the best underclassman receiver prospect, and I heavily favor Green. He is a much more complete player. Onto the scouting report:

Green is a physically gifted player. At 6’4, he has great size to go up and get the football, and he also provides excellent speed. He always comes across as faster on film than he is in shorts, which is a big plus for me. With the ball in his hands, he simply showcases natural change of direction skills, making him very shifty and tough to tackle. Many people say that he isn’t spectacular in the weight room, but I have seen good strength from him in football pads, as he seems to be an effective blocker, and he can rip the ball out of a defenders hands in the air. He also possesses solid bulk and unbelievable body control when going up for the football.

Green also has really good hands. He tends to avoid trapping balls against his frame, which is valued highly in the NFL, and he almost never drops passes. He also probably is the best in all of college at catching the ball at its highest point. His ability to get high in the air and catch the ball in his fingertips with his incredibly long arms is shocking and he does it with unbelievable consistency. It will be a major asset to his game in the NFL.

Green has been pretty successful statistically. He missed 4 games sophomore year, due to a shoulder injury, but he still was able to get 808 receiving yards last season. Had he not missed those games, he was on pace to get 1167 yards last season, an excellent total, especially considering Georgia attempted 346 passes, 85th in the FBS (out of 120 teams). Considering the fact he was a true Sophomore, he had an excellent season that year. In 2010, he got 848 receiving yards, missing another 4 games due to a suspension, but, if he hadn’t missed those games, he was on pace for 1225 yards that year. He gets a great 15.2 yards per catch, among the best in the FBS.

Green possesses outstanding intensity when run blocking, which is a major asset to his team. He uses his size very well to drive defenders off the ball, he shows excellent toughness going over the middle for the football, and he shows that he has power to run over defenders with the football in his hands. His toughness suggests a good work ethic on and off the field.

Green is a natural big play threat with the football in his hands. He has simply superior speed and shiftiness that allows to score a touchdown on any play that he touches the ball. He does a good job of using head fakes and natural change of direction skills to get past defenders with the ball in his hands. He uses his size well to make catches in the end zone and he possesses excellent awareness of the sideline. He also uses his size well to power through smaller defenders and create even more yards after the catch.

Green showcases an ability to read coverage schemes well and get in good position on option routes. That skill is impressive considering his age. That skill helps him get open when running slant routes and get yards after the catch. He also has a quick first step off the line of scrimmage.

Green is one of the best, most underrated route runners in the FBS. He has natural quickness in and out of breaks, he has greatly improved his footwork in his routes since sophomore year, and he does a phenomenal job of using head fakes to fool defenders in his routes.

Overall, Green possesses a whole lot of physical upside, but I think that he also has the talent and work ethic to fix the small flaws in his game. Green’s more well rounded game and better stats make him a much better player then Julio Jones, and I think we’ll see more of Green in the NFL. He is a great prospect. Maybe even the best in all of next year’s class.

NFL Comparison: Larry Fitzgerald. Green and Fitzgerald both provide that rare combination of 6’4 and the jumping ability of frog.

Grade: 100 (worthy of the top pick of the draft)

Projection: 99 (will be a top 5 pick)

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