2011 NFL Mock Draft: Peterson #1

Could Peterson go #1 overall?

We have our first reader mock draft submission courtesy of Joe DeCaro a big New York Giants fan and a reader from my time at giantsgab.com

We’re accepting submissions to my email at [email protected] if you want to send me yours to put out here for thousands of readers.

And I’ll let you know what I think and open it up for the readers as well.

This is not edited by me except to clear up some confusing language or a few spelling misteaks (see my lame humor?)

1. Carolina Panthers-Patrick Peterson,CB LSU

He is that good of a prospect to go number 1. I understand you can just throw away from him but he also has 4 down potential. Revis has such a great impact for the Jets and he plays CB. Peterson may be able to contribute more due to his return potential. Any chance that you can get a player that might have even more impact than Revis, you have to take him regardless of where in the draft.

2. Denver Broncos-DaQuan Bowers, DE, Clemson

He will give the broncos a pass rusher opposite Dumervil. He is a very explosive player. Pass rushers are very impotent.

3. Buffalo Bills-Von Miller, OLB, Texas A and  M

The Bills need a pass rusher to play in the 3-4 if they want their defense to be successful. He is one of the best pass rushers in this class and pass rushers are important to any team.

4. Cincinnati Bengals-Julio Jones, WR, Alabama

Jones exploded at the combine with a bad foot. I feel that he overtook A.J Green as the number one receiver. He may just be able to make Carson Palmer forget about how bad Cincinnati has been and be able to play after all.

5. Arizona Cardinals-Robert Quinn, DE, OLB North Carolina

Considered a number 1 overall pick before the season. He has the potential to be dominent.
6. Cleveland Browns-Marcel Dareus

Every team could always use another defensive linemen. The browns are not exception.

7. San Francisco 49ers-Nick Fairly

Has a chance to go number 1 overall and I don’t think he will fall lower than this. He has good versatility along the defensive line.

8. Tennessee Titans-A.J. Green, WR, Georgia

Again, a very talented player, could trade places with Julio Jones. I don’t see Blain Gabbert as the pick here and they just got rid of Young who is similar to Newton.

9. Dallas Cowboys-Prince Amukamara

The Cowboys defense was horrible and the prince will change that.

10. Washington Redskins-Cam Newton

They like to try to make a big splash when they can so they will grab all the media attention with this pick. Now the Giants and Cowboys have to deal with Mike Vick/Cam Newton for at least 4 games a year.

11. Houston Texans-Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor

Texans need Defensive improvement and a good NT is a great way to do it.

12. Minnesota Vikings-Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri

They may try to get FA qb for short term and let him develop behind a veteran.

13. Detroit Lions-Nate Solder

If they want Matthew Stafford to be able to reach his potential, then they need to address the offensive line.

14. St. Louis Rams-Aldon Smith

Spags likes pass rushers. He will love smith.

15. Miami Dolphins-Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram is the best RB of this class and seems underrated due to not having the best speed.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars-Ryan Kerrigan

He’s an Academic All-America selection. He has a non-stop motor and a blue-collar attitude. He’s a team captain with no character concerns. Kampman is not a long term anser for this team.

17. New England Patriots-J.J. Watt, DE, Wisconsin

If the Patriots get a top defensive linemen, their team would be almost unfair.

18. San Diego Chargers-Gabe Carimi

Chargers could use another offensive linemen.

19. New York Giants-Tyron Smith, OT, USC

Has great upside. He can play right tackle. The Giants have Will Beatty that can play left.  Diehl can move to guard until Petrus is ready to take over.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Justin Houstin

Can play DE and LB. He looked very fluid for his size.

21. Kansas City Chiefs-Akeem Ayers

some feel he can go higher. I think he had a disappointing combine though.

22. Indianapolis Colts-Anthony Castanzo, OT, Boston College

Colts need a pass blocker. Castanzo can do that.

23. Philadelphia Eagles-Derek Sherrod

Vick won’t be able to last long unless he gets more help up front.

24. New Orleans Saints-Martez Wilson

Saints can get LB help with this pick.

25. Seattle Seahawks-Jake Locker

Jake was at one point a can’t miss number 1 selection. He has great athleticism and can do well If Hassleback starts over him for a year or two.

26. Baltimore Ravens-Jonathan Baldwin,WR, Pittsburgh

Baldwin is quick for his size and has great size. He has the “character concern” label, but this is the Ravens we’re talking about so that’s not really a huge deterrent with the leadership in that locker room. Flacco took a small step backwards last year and the WR corps of the Ravens is on the wrong side of 30. Baldwin would add a nice dynamic to the Ravens offense, and at this point is the best player available.

27. Atlanta Falcons-Kyle Rudolf

Tony Gonzales wont be around much longer so they need a TE

28. New England Patriots-Jimmy Smith

Has good Hight Speed combo that the patriots may want to take a closer look at.

29. Chicago Bears-Mike Pouncy

The Bears have to grab the best offensive linemen thay can here.

30. New York Jets-adrian clayborn

Finaly moving on from Vernan Gholston, the Jets will try him out.

31. Pittsburgh Steelers-Benjamin Ijalna

Steelers need a lot of help on the line.

32. Green Bay Packers-Muhammed Wilkerson

Green Bay goes with the best player available here.

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