As we head into another weekend of NFL football we are getting a clearer picture of wher..."/> As we head into another weekend of NFL football we are getting a clearer picture of wher..."/>

2011 NFL Mock Draft: 12/30/10

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26. New York Jets (10-5)- Cam Jordon- DE- California

– The Jets need to get someone on the defensive that can create pressure on the quarterback.  Jordon as the ability to play the 5 technique while still getting pressure.

27. New Orleans (11-4)- Adrian Clayborn- DE- Iowa

– The Saints brought in Alex Brown during the offseason to help out at defensive end but his age is starting to catch up with him.  Clayborn is someone that will provide steady play in both the run and passing game.  He may never hit double digit sacks but he is someone you can keep on the field for 3 downs.

28. Chicago (11-4)- Derek Sherrod- OT- Mississippi State

– The Bears are in desperate need of help along the offensive line so this is an easy pick.  Sherrod may not be a great run blocker but he will be able to keep Cutler upright.  With such a shallow offensive tackle pool the Bears need to address it here in the first round.

29. Baltimore (11-4)- Brandon Harris- CB- Miami

– The secondary has been a weak point on this defense all season and Harris would help get things back on track.  No matter how well the offense performs this team will always be led by its defense.

30. Pittsburgh (11-4)- Nate Solder- OT- Colordo

– To me Solder is a project player that will need some time to develop but others are much higher on him.  None the less the Steelers have struggled up front with the lone exception being Maurkice Pouncy.

31. Atlanta (12-3)- J.J. Watt- DE- Wisconsin

– John Abraham will not be able to play forever so bringing in someone like Watt would be a wise move.  We saw this past weekend how a good pass rush could impact the play of Drew Brees.

32. New England (13-2)- Cameron Heyward- DE- Ohio State

– The Patriots are in a great position in that they have the resources to continue to rebuild their defense.  Adding Von Miller and Cameron Heyward will instantly make this defense much better.