NFL Power Rankings – Week 16

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16. Oakland Raiders Oakland has so many playmakers and it showed against a weak Denver defense. The AFC West race is shaping up to be a highly entertaining one with two weeks to play.

17. Miami Dolphins Miami was all but eliminated from the playoffs with a loss to Buffalo. It will be interesting to see what they do in the offseason with Tony Sparano and Chad Henne after having such high expectations going into the season.

18. Tennessee Titans Tennessee ended its six game losing streak by simply giving Chris Johnson the ball. Its baffling they didn’t do that more the past six weeks. In other news Randy Moss had another game with no catches and a full salary.

19. Dallas Cowboys – Dallas has looked like a different team under Jason Garrett and that’s without their starting QB. This team will be able to use their poor record to draft a very talented player who can hopefully help from the start.

20. St. Louis RamsThe Rams still have a shot at a playoff spot. They do not have a shot at a winning record after falling to Kansas City on Sunday.

21. Seattle SeahawksAnother week another 0-4 record for the wonderful NFC West. Seattle and St. Louis both lost which will ensure one of them will likely host a playoff game to a team with 12 wins.

22. Houston Texans After a crushing loss to Baltimore on Monday Night the Texans looked beaten down and were easily beaten by the struggling Titans. This team will be looking hard to improve its secondary in the draft.

23. Washington Redskins Benching McNabb for performance is one thing. Benching him for Rex Grossman is a totally baffling scenario. Rex may have thrown for 4 TD’s against the Cowboys but there isn’t anyone out there who has seen the guy play who thinks hes a top caliber starting QB in the NFL. Maybe Shannahan just wants to get another severance package and go back to retirement.

24. Minnesota Vikings Only two more weeks and we may be rid of Brett Favre once and for all. Until next summer of course though seeing him go away might be reason enough to wish for a lockout.

25. San Francisco 49ers In hindsight picking the 49ers to have any success this season looks idiotic. A coaching change and QB are likely on the horizon for this team.