NFL Power Rankings – Week 16

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Here is our updated power rankings!  Can you believe we only have two weeks left in the season? It has gone to quick!  This ranking was completed by staff writer Jon New.

1. New England Patriots After thrashing the Jets and Bears in consecutive weeks New England came back to earth a little bit against Green Bay, but they were able to pull out another win and show why they have to be considered the favorite to win it all after 14 games.

2. Atlanta FalconsThe Falcons haven’t lost since October 17th and they appear to be a lock for a first round by thanks to New Orleans loss to the Ravens on Sunday.

3. Philadelphia Eagles Unbelievable win for the Eagles, coming back after trailing 21 points at the half is truly amazing. They have taken control of the NFC East division and Michael Vick is clearly a changed man and a much improved QB.

4. Baltimore Ravens – Baltimore looks to be a lock for the playoffs after handling the Saints on Sunday. Another Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore playoff match up looms large with only two weeks to play.

5. New Orleans Saints – Tough loss for the Saints, but as a reward for being a top wild card team they may get a chance at playing Seattle or St. Louis on the road.

6. New York Jets Big win for the Jets at Pittsburgh. New York still has a good shot at a playoff berth now that they have reached ten wins.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers The Steelers lost a tough one at home to the desperate Jets. They still managed to clinch a playoff spot despite the loss, but the health of Troy Polamalu is a huge question mark for this team going forward.

8. Chicago Bears – The Bears looked good despite the tough elements in cold Minnesota on Monday night.  They have locked up the NFC North division and are headed to the playoffs.

9. Indianapolis Colts – Big win at home for the Colts yesterday against Jacksonville. The loss of Austin Collie might be to much for this team to overcome, but they are still in control of their own destiny and with Peyton Manning that is a good thing.

10. San Diego Chargers San Diego is doing what it does in December and that is win games. They get Cincinnati on Sunday and still have a good shot at the AFC West crown.

11. Kansas City Chiefs Matt Cassel coming back after an appendectomy 11 days ago is impressive. Getting a much needed win was equally impressive for this surprise team of 2010.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville had a chance to win the AFC South and wasn’t able to. They have let the Colts take control of their own destiny and may be on the outside looking in for a playoff spot.

13. New York Giants In on of the most exciting games this season the Giants managed to blow a 21 point halftime lead and make the inexcusable mistake of punting to Desean Jackson with the game on the line. Next weeks matchup at Lambeau is for all the marbles.

14. Green Bay Packers – Matt Flynn played valiantly for 59 minutes on Sunday, but in the end his inexperience may have cost him the game. Now it comes down to a big game against the Giants on Sunday to see who will likely take the lead for the last playoff spot.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay has played well this season but the injuries are beginning to catch up with them. The loss to Detroit on Sunday may have been the final nail in the Bucs season. In a top heavy NFC the Bucs may be the odd team out .