6-4 251lbs Senior 6-4 251lbs Senior

2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Kyle Adams, Purdue


Kyle Adams-TE- Purdue

6-4 251lbs Senior


2009- 29 receptions, 249 yards, 0 TDs

2010- 36 receptions, 244 yards, 0 TDs


Adams explodes off the ball and has good initial quickness.  He is a two stepper that gets up to his top speed in a hurry.  He is an athletic player that can make adjustments on poorly thrown footballs.  Adams is a quick and balanced athlete and that allows him to cleanly snap off his routes.  Adams quick feet becomes a plus in the run blocking game as he is able to get out and seal the edge.  He is coordinated and flexible enough to make adjustments on poorly thrown balls.  He can lower his pad level and cleanly get balls thrown in the dirt.


Adams was not asked to line up and run block very often.  He was mainly used in the slot and expected to use his speed to get to the second level.  The lack of touchdowns is concerning as you would expect a tight end of his ability to be more of a redzone target.  Adams had a tendency to drift into traffic.  He wasn’t able to sit in the open zone and give him quarterback on open throwing lane.  Adams doesn’t use proper technique in the blocking game.  He doesn’t get his hands inside the defender and takes wide unbalanced steps when locked on.  Adams will not be an asset in the running game.  He doesn’t get his hands inside the defender.  He doesn’t possess the leg drive and power to push defenders off the football.


Overall Adams has potential to contribute in the passing game but you cannot ignore the lack of production in the Redzone.  His lack of playing strength will limit his ability to play on 1st and 2nd downs.  I would feel comfortable adding Adams to my team because he has the frame and athletic ability to improve as a blocker.

Projected Round:

Adams looks like a 5th- 6th round prospect.

We talked about how Adams needs to improve his playing strength and thanks to a partnership with D1 training facility we have some ways he could improve in that area.  D1 is a great training facility that has been instrumental in helping athletes improve in trouble areas.

At D1, in order to improve the athlete’s absolute strength, one technique used is to develop an athlete’s auxiliary muscles.  This includes performing high intensity exercises involving the shoulder, arm and/or abdominal muscle groups.  These muscles help supplement exercises involving larger muscles and are used as a support mechanism when lifting heavier loads.  Increase strength in the auxiliary muscles will increase overall absolute strength as well as aid in balance, control and coordination while under pressure.

“D1 prepared me for my Ole Miss pro day.  D1 knew me, knew what I needed and I went to work.  They got me stronger than I’ve ever been, and I exploded at my pro day.”

-Michael Oher

OL, Baltimore Ravens