NFL Mocks is on YouTube!


Hey all you Draftniks and Football Fans! We here at NFL Mocks have found one more way to get you as close to the draft process as possible with our new channel on YouTube. These aren’t just highlight reels created by superfans that only show a few of their best plays from multiple angles. At NFLMocksGameFilm, we feature every snap* for both teams so you can keep an eye on any particular prospect for an entire game. Double Bonus: That “entire game” doesn’t take an entire day to watch! When ever you have a few minutes to spare you can catch up on all your favorite prospects and maybe even discover your own sleeper. Just don’t blame us if you get caught watching at work. 🙂

You know Mark Ingram can run, how is he in pass protection? How consistent is Ryan Mallett with his footwork? How well can Da’Quan Bowers hold up in run defense? Normally it would be tough to go back in time to watch every snap from this past seasons match-ups, but not any more! Currently there are six games ready for viewing (listed below) with more coming. Make sure you subscribe when you are there so you can be notified when a new game has been uploaded. The season maybe coming to a close, but the evaluating is only just revving up.

*<– You noticed that huh? Well, the one caveat in all this is that due to restrictions by YouTube, uploaded videos have a time limit. Because of this, we have split the videos into two parts: Home O vs Away D and Home D vs Away O. Of course, even after that, plus removing all commercials, time outs, penalty time outs, injury time outs, and replays, the videos are still right up against the time threshold. So the only snaps that aren’t included are PATs, Kick offs, and Punts unless there is a particularly big play.

The time limit also leads to a very fast pace, so don’t be afraid to pause and rewind to really absorb it all. Also included to help you out is a link to the Play-by-Play from the ESPN game page for each game. You can follow each play there as well if there is any trouble seeing the number of the guy who made the play. All while also being a click away from the game stats and team pages. Everything you need all at NFL Mocks YouTube channel NFLMocksGameFilm. Check out what we currently have in the links below and don’t forget to subscribe!

Alabama vs LSU 2010 /    Clemson vs Boston College 2010 /    Alabama vs Arkansas 2010

Alabama O vs LSU D /   Clemson D vs Boston College OAlabama D vs Arkansas O

Alabama D vs LSU OClemson O vs Boston College DAlabama O vs Arkansas D

Washington vs USC 2010 /  Iowa vs Michigan State 2010 /  Missouri vs Nebraska 2010

Washington O vs USC DIowa O vs Michigan State D /    Missouri O vs Nebraska D

Washington D vs USC OIowa D vs Michigan State O /   Missouri D vs Nebraska O

P.S. If you have any game tape that you would like to exchange or send in, please contact us at so that you and your video may be properly vetted (we can only use certain file types). We are getting film faster than we can put it up, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need more!