NFL Power Rankings – Week 14

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20. Cleveland Browns Eric Mangini has likely done just enough to keep his job. Another win or two and this will likely be considered a “success” of a season in Cleveland.

21. Houston Texans Houston is having another season of up and downs. Showing yet again they are not quite there.

22. Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre is hurt blah blah blah. Until he doesn’t play its a non-issue that no one cares about anymore.

23. Dallas Cowboys – Dallas is showing serious improvement under their new coach and backup QB. My guess is given the questionable CBA status Garrett gets the head coaching job full-time in 2011.

24. Washington Redskins Washington got whipped by the Giants on Sunday. The whole Shannahan/McNabb combo has been an utter failure to this point and that extension looks worse and worse with each passing week.

25. Tennessee Titans Jeff Fisher should be on the hot seat if for no other reason than ruining fantasy teams all over the country by not letting Chris Johnson carry his offense despite having almost no passing attack.

26. San Francisco 49ers Frank Gore being out for the season is a real blow to this team. That and watching Aaron Rodgers (who San Fransisco passed on to take Alex Smith) light them up.

27. Denver Broncos Josh McDaniel was fired by Denver yesterday. After a hot start last season the Broncos have been terrible and dealt with a ton of injuries. The real victim in all of this is Tim Tebow, whose future is in serious question now that the man who stuck his neck out to draft him is out.

28. Arizona CardinalsI don’t know whether to feel bad for Matt Leinart that he couldn’t start for this team, or happy for him he doesn’t have to be on it. Regardless the Cardinals are a mess and it’s not going to get better this season.

29. Detroit Lions Detroit is showing a serious fight each week, but they are down to their third string QB and just don’t have it. That being said Jim Schwartz has this team on the right track and deserves to keep his job.

30. Buffalo BillsThe Bills looked bad against the Vikings, but they are playing hard for Chan Gailey and need an infusion of talent to start improving.

31. Cincinnati Bengals – A new and exciting way for the Bengals to lose this week. Jumping offsides on a fake attempt at going for it on 4th down. The offseason will begin early in Cincinnati this year.

32. Carolina Panthers – Carolina made a run early against Seattle but in the end didn’t have enough. Jimmy Clausen has showed so promise but if Carolina ends up picking number 1 it might not matter for him in Carolina.