Fansided Thanksgiving Series: NFL Mocks is Thankful For…


The Fansided network is doing a network wide series of articles in the spirt of Thanksgiving.  Each site will be letting their readers what they are thankful for in the world of sports or life.  Here at NFL Mocks we are going to keep it draft related so here we go….

  • NFL Mocks is thankful for all of its contributing staff including: Jason Madson, Josh Decuester, Jon New, Jessee Zamarripa, and Jeremy Heneghan.  Without these guys we wouldn’t be able to bring you the most extensive Draft coverage out there!
  • NFL Mocks is thankful for the Fansided Network that keeps this site operational and filled with current technology.  This is a great Network to be a part of as they are very involved in each blog and always providing assistance.  Thanks!
  • NFL Mocks is thankful for our readers!  This site would be nothing without the countless number of people that visit our site everyday and provide meaningful comments.  The entire point to this site is to share our thoughts and opinions about the NFL Draft and having others share their feedback.  So please keep the comments coming we love to hear your thoughts!
  • NFL Mocks is thankful for College Football!  This is just a wonderful sport that allows us to follow our favorite teams through the roller coaster season.
  • NFL Mocks is thankful for the NFL as all of this wouldn’t be possible without this great league.  Each week we have great match-ups that help us get through that painful work week.
  • NFL Mocks is thankful for Ignition APG!  Ignition has been a great partnership as they have brought us some excellent insight to one of the biggest parts of the NFL Draft process.

So what are you thankful for?  Leave some comments letting us know what is important to you, this could be either family or sports related!