Editorial Staff

Here is our updated power rankings!  Can you believe we are so far along in the season? It has gone to quick!

1. New England Patriots–  The Patriots have continued their move to the top team in the NFL.  Brady has been very sharp and the collection of role players have infused a must in attitude.  You have to love watching Woodhead score a touchdown and then make a tackle on the ensuing kick off.

2. New York Jets–  Some how the Jets keep pulling off these nail bitters but that is the mark of a good team.  However, I do have some concerns about the offensive production.  If they face a team that puts some points up on their defense they could struggle to catch up.

3. Atlanta Falcons–  The combination of Roddy White and Matt Ryan is defiantly in the discussion for the best young duo in the league.  This is going to be a team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.


4. Baltimore Ravens–  The Ravens defense has taken some criticism this season but they are still creating turnovers.  The key to this team is going to be how well Joe Flacco finishes down the stretch.


5. Philadelphia Eagles–  Mike Vick looks like the real deal.   There are many defensive coordinators having a lot of sleepless nights!  However, with his playing style you always have to worry about injuries.


6. New Orleans Saints–  The Saints are starting to reach their stride as they make their playoff push.  The defense continues to be very aggressive which helps the offense keep the pressure on.


7. Pittsburgh Steelers–  The Steelers just pounded a much improved Oakland team.  The Steelers defense is the stuff championships are made of so Pittsburgh fans should be optimistic.


8. Green Bay Packers–  Green Bay has endured through major injury crisis and look to be a potential playoff threat.  Aaron Rodgers has looked much better the last few games improving on his early season accuracy struggles.


9. Chicago Bears–  I know the Bears beat Miami with their 3rd string quarterback but they did what they were suppose to do, shut him out!  If Jay Cutler can take care of the football this defense will take them places.  Does anyone else feel that Chicago is the best fit for Cutler, because the defense makes up for his mistakes by creating turnovers of their own.


10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers–  This team can’t be for real, can they?  I am really a big supporter of what Raheem Morris has done with this team.  The players really respond to his style of coaching.

11. Indianapolis Colts–  Any team that has Peyton Manning at the helm is going to be in the discussion for a playoff berth.  However, I have real concerns about this defense and the tole injuries have taken on this team.

12. New York Giants– A team that turns the ball over as much as the Giants is going to struggle.  The inconsistency of this team and lack of concentration will end up biting them in the rear.

13. Kansas City Chiefs–  This team is far ahead in their rebuilding process but they are more focused on the playoffs not rebuilding.  While the Chiefs have surprised people this year I think their lack of talent will catch up with them at some point.

14. Jacksonville Jaguars–  Several weeks ago you could have argued that this is a terrible team that is going to finish among the worst in the NFL.  But some how Jack Del Rio and David Garrard have found some magic.

15. San Diego Chargers– Like the past couple of years the Chargers didn’t start their season until mid season and how they look like a legitimate contender.  I still wonder how their slow start will come back to haunt them, like with cold weather road playoff games.

16. Oakland Raiders–  A team that hasn’t been very good for a long time can struggle with the mental part of the game.  Can the Raiders put their defeat to the Steelers behind them?

17. Washington Redskins–  If the Redskins didn’t win a couple of close games we would be mentioning this team with the likes of Detroit and Carolina.

18. Tennessee Titans–  Rusty Smith is your starting quarterback……. enough said!

19. Miami Dolphins–  Coach Tony Sparano has taken a lot of flack for the limited running attack against the Bears last week.  I fully expect to see a lot more of the wildcat in the coming weeks.

20. Seattle Seahawks–  Someone has to win the NFC West but whoever does will not be a very good team.  The Seahawks need to upgrade the talent level on both sides of the football.

21. Houston Texans–  Things have fallen pretty fast since their opening day win vs the Colts.  You could see the Texans select another cornerback in the upcoming NFL draft, as their passing defense is among the worst in the league.

22. St. Louis Rams–  This is a team that has a bright future because of the quick development of Sam Bradford.  If they could put a couple of good pieces around him the offense would be very dangerous.

23. Dallas Cowboys–  Will Jason Garrett do enough to keep his job?  That’s really all the Cowboys are playing for right now, well and pride.

24. Cleveland Browns–  The Browns are like the Rams in that they have to feel good about the progress of their young football team.  This was suppose to be a redshirt year for Colt McCoy but he has come in and played well.

25. Minnesota Vikings– Chilly has been caned and now its time to focus fully on Brett Favre.  Wait havent we been doing that all season?  You could see a lot of roster turnaround this offseason.

26. Arizona Cardinals– If there is any question about the importance of the quarterback position look no further than the Arizona Cardinals.  This team has talent but without a proven quarterback they have looked terrible.

27. Denver Broncos–  How hot is Josh McDaniel’s seat?  This Broncos team has made some very questionable decisions with trades and in the draft.  I don’t see this as an improving team but as a team on the decline because of bad personal decisions.

28. San Fransisco 49ers– Coach Singletary is on his last legs as the coach of the 49ers.  This team is just not performing to the level of talent on the field.  It appears to me to be a coaching issue at this point.

29. Buffalo Bills–  As bad as a team this is you have to give credit to the players and coaches.  They come to play every single week and it has resulted in 2 wins.  Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the quarterback of the future?  That will be a tough one to answer.

30. Cincinnati Bengals–  There are several teams that have disappointed this season but the Bengals have to be on the top of that list.  Here was a team that added a lot of talent to a playoff team but they just cant make it work on the field.  Props to T.O. for attempting to be a leader, he may have earned himself a multi-year deal from someone.

31. Detroit Lions– A few weeks ago there was a lot of optimism in Detroit but another Stafford injury and their recent struggles have deflated that balloon.  If I am the Lions I would have a legitimate concern about the durability of their “franchise” quarterback!

32. Carolina Panthers– Here is a team that is going to need a few years to get turned around.  They have a lot of holes on both sides of the football and it will take several drafts to rectify that problem.  The big question with Carolina is, do they feel Jimmy Clausen is the future at quarterback?