NFL Game of the Week:Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings


In what was supposed to be Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings redemption game against the rival Green Bay Packers turned out to be a 31-3 loss and an exclamation point on a tumultuous season. The Vikings opened up the game fresh off a week of internal strife and conflict with hopes of turning themselves and the season around with a win over Green Bay.  But in the end the Vikings loss and now there are more questions than answers for the team who played in the 2009 NFC Championship game.

Favre had a horrendous game as he completed merely 17 of 38 passes for 208-yards with one interception. He was pressured on nearly every drop back as LB Clay Matthews, DT Ryan Pickett and rookie LB Frank Zombo provided a pass rushing assault on the 41-year old quarterback. And the Vikings running game was of little help also as RB Adrian Peterson had only 14 carries for  73-yards as he was stopped within 3-yards on a majority of his runs with the exception of a few  carries. The non-existence of a running game and a violent Packer rush attacked forced Favre to rush throws and become extremely inaccurate

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The Packers on the other hand had a perfect day both offensively and defensively. QB Aaron Rodgers completed 22 of 31 pass attempts for 301-yards and 4 touchdowns to compile a 141.3 passer rating as it nearly triples theViking counterpart rating of 51.2. WR Greg Jennings also had a fantastic day with 7 receptions for 152-yards and 3 touchdowns.  Defensively S Nick Collins dominated the playing field with 9 tackles while helping the secondary limit the Viking receivers to only short gains.

With the game against the Packers now in the rearview mirror the Vikings are now facing the reality of a 3-7 start. One has to wonder what will transpire this week due to the fact the Vikings are now out of the playoff chase and they have a very unpopular coach in the locker room and in the stands. Coach Brad Childress’s unpopularity was never so apparent than in the 3rd quarter when fans started chanting “Fire Childress.” And apparently according to many circulating stories the feeling may be the same in the locker room.

The poor start, a lost locker room, questionable roster moves and unrest in the stands makes for a perfect storm at the doorstep of Childress. Plus if Favre were to return next year it is only common sense he wouldn’t return while Childress is coach. So this will be by far the most interesting week of the season for the Vikings.