6-1 207lbs Senior 6-1 207lbs Senior

2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: DeMarco Murray


DeMarco Murray– RB- Oklahoma

6-1 207lbs Senior


2007- 746 rushing yards, 13 touchdowns, 14 receptions, 60 yards

2008- 1002 rushing yards, 14 touchdowns, 31 receptions, 395 yards, 4 touchdowns

2009-  705 rushing yards, 8 touchdowns, 41 receptions, 502 yards, 4 touchdowns


DeMarco Murray is an extremely versatile back that is dynamic in the passing game.  The NFL game is becoming more and more about multitalented players that create mismatches.  With Murray you can comfortably line him up in the slot and know he will create a mismatch.  Murray is a 2 stepper that gets up to full speed quickly.  He has the ability to outrun the angles of linebackers.  He can also get the corner on those linebackers.  Murray does a great job of pressing the hole when he sees the open hole.  He showed enough acceleration to quickly get through those open holes.  Murray brings extra value as a kick returner.


The biggest issue with Murray’s game is his is running style.  He runs with a high pad level and that results in poor balance and gives the defender a lot of body to tackle.  Murray’s poor balance allows defenders to easily make tackles.  Overall this is going to limit his yards after contact and in the NFL that is where you are going to get the majority of your rushing yards.  Murray didn’t show good vision; he struggled to diagnose information when faced with pressure.  He can find the obviously open holes but doesn’t show good patience and when there’s nothing immediately open he puts his head down and runs towards contact.


There is a place in the NFL for a guy like Murray.  However, his real value will come as a pass catcher and not as an every down running back.  Look for a team looking for a good 3rd down back or a versatile player that can be plugged into several spots on the field.

Projected Round:

Some see Murray as a 1st round pick but to me he is more of a situational player that is better suited for the 2nd or 3rd round.