NFL Power Rankings: Week 8


Alright I know we are an NFL Draft site but the Power Rankings are going to play an important role here at NFL Mocks. So take a look a the Rankings and let us know what you think, as usual I expect some good feedback!

1.  New England Patriots- This team is playing very well right now.  You have to love how this coaching staff puts players in position to make plays.  I still have questions about their defense but each week those young players are getting better and better and by the end of the season this will be a well oiled machine.

2.  Baltimore Ravens- The Ravens keep rolling on and they are playing tough games week in and week out.  They have a good mix of young guys and vets but don’t overlook the playoff experience of young guys like Joe Flacco.  The defense is starting to bend a little bit but we still have confidence in them.

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers- The loss to the Saints wasn’t pretty but its also not the end of the world.  You had to figure the defending champs would right the ship and they did so against the Steelers.  We still feel that the Steelers are among the best teams in the NFL.

4.  Indianapolis Colts- While #18 is still in a Colts uniform you can’t count out the Colts.  However, you have to wonder how much longer they can deal with the devastating injuries.  You also cannot look past their issues stopping the running game, so there are questions but Manning helps you feel better.

5.  New York Jets – Don’t forget that this is still only Mark Sanchez’s 2nd season in the league and he will continue to go through the learning process.  Like all young quarterbacks there are going to be great weeks and terrible weeks, however he needs his receivers to bail him out more!

6.  New York Giants- Rewind to the beginning of the season and people were calling this Giants team finished and were ready to fire Coughlin.  Now they might be the best team in the NFC and that has a lot to do with the play of the defensive line.  You also have to love the short term memory of Eli who hasn’t let early interceptions derail the entire game.

7.  Atlanta Falcons- Atlanta has a steady quarterback, strong running game, and an improving defense that sounds like the recipe for a winning team.  There is still a lot of season left but the Falcons have put themselves in a good position to make a strong playoff run.

8.  New Orleans Saints- The win against the Steelers was big in the record book but was bigger to the psyche of this football team.  They played well and got a win against a good team, this could be the game that turns the season around for the Saints.


9.  Kansas City Chiefs- Even though they are not flashy the Chiefs just keep winning games.  Some may point out that they struggled against the winless Bills but I would argue that the Bills are much better than their record.  I would feel much better about this team if Cassel showed the ability to make the big play.

10.  Green Bay Packers- Despite all the injuries and slow start the Packers are at the top of the NFC North.  I feel that the injuries will be tough to overcome and the Packers will struggle all season.


11.  Tennessee Titans- While I feel that Vince Young gives the Titans the best chance to win you cannot count them out with Collins subbing in.  This defense has really looked sharp this season and they are getting it done with a lack of star power.  

12.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers- I don’t agree with Rahim Morris that his team is the best in the NFC but they are certainly surprising a lot of people.  The future is bright in Tampa Bay as the main contributors are in their first couple years in the league!  This Josh Freeman kid looks like the real deal.

13.  Houston Texans- It seems as though a different team shows up each week and the inconsistency could cost them a playoff spot.  The defense is really struggling to shut down the opponents passing game.

14.  Philadelphia Eagles- Mike Vick is expected to return this week but at this point the Eagles have shown they could win with either Vick or Kolb starting at quarterback.

15.  Miami Dolphins- The Dolphins avoided a hang over from the Pittsburgh game and took care of the struggling Bengals.  The addition of Brandon Marshall has really paid off!

16.  Chicago Bears- People in Chicago are hoping for a bye week miracle but realistically they won’t be able to completely fix their offensive line problems.  However, the defense is playing great and Chicago has shown they could win games based on their defensive play.

17.  Seattle Seahawks- This is another team that you don’t know what to expect each week.  One week they are getting a big win in Chicago the next they are getting pounded by the Raiders.

18.  Oakland Raiders- Is Jason Campbell figuring it out in Oakland?  He is benefiting from a great running game, he needs to continue to protect the ball and take advantage of the defenses added attention to the running game.

19.  Jacksonville Jaguars- I don’t feel the Jaguars are as good as the Cowboys are bad. The Jaguars are going to have an up and down season and that is related to the up and down play of their quarterback.

20.  St. Louis Rams- How can you not like the way this young team is performing?  Sam Bradford has people in St. Louis hopeful for a quick turnaround of the franchise.

21.  Washington Redskins- Teams that have a quarterback controversy rarely make it to the playoffs.  Has Mike Shanahan created a quarterback controversy?

22.  San Diego Chargers- The Chargers are going to win a few games based just on the play of Phillip Rivers.  However, they appear to not have what it takes on defense to be a real contender.

23.  Detroit Lions- Matthew Stafford had an extremely good welcome back game!  This Lions team has played every team tough and they will end this season with a lot more wins if they continue to play that way.

24.  Minnesota Vikings- This is a team in turmoil and I truly believe they will not be able to turn it around.  The offense struggled without Randy Moss and as much of a distraction he is he still demands attention.

25.  Arizona Cardinals- When will Kurt Warner lose on dancing with the stars so he can come back to quarterback the Cardinals?  Unfortunately, this team will continue to struggle until they find a real NFL quarterback (sorry Anderson and Hall).

26.  Cleveland Browns- As much as you may not like Eric Mangini you have to give him credit for getting the most out of his players.  This team is playing above their heads but you can mark them down for a few more wins this season.

27.  Cincinnati Bengals- How is this team not winning football games?  On paper this is one of the more talented football teams in the league but they have not converted that talent into wins.

28.  San Francisco 49ers- Does anyone else feel that this team still has an outside shot at making the playoffs?  They need to settle on a quarterback and limit turnovers and they could pile up a lot of wins in the weak NFC West.

29.  Denver Broncos- I attribute the Broncos struggles to the mismanagement of the draft picks received in the Jay Cutler trade.  To be honest with you they have mismanaged a lot of things in the NFL draft and that has really impacted this teams progress.

30.  Buffalo Bills- The Bills have been close for a few weeks now and their hard play will result in a win soon.  It’s obvious that this team needs to go quarterback in the draft even though Fitzpatrick has been playing well.

31.  Dallas Cowboys- This team is too talented to be loosing football games the way they are and every time you talk about this team you get a bad taste in your mouth.

32.  Carolina Panthers- Sorry Panthers fans you will be battling the Bills all year long for the #1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.