College Football Game of the Week: #3 TCU @ #5 Utah


College Football is officially here and the writers at NFL Mocks could not be more excited to start evaluating some NFL Prospects.  You can count on at least 1 article a week that will highlight a big time College Football game a week.  The article will focus on identifying some of the top prospects from each team and the key match-ups within that game.

All the talk this season has been about Boise State and their potential to reach the National Championship Game but its now time to realistically look at TCU and Utah.  When its all said and done if one of these teams and Boise State are undefeated I strongly feel that TCU/Utah will get the nod over Boise State.  So with that being said this game could very well have a major say on who plays for the National Championship this season.


  • In a game featuring two top 5 teams there isn’t really any great NFL Prospects.  However, TCU tackle Marcus Cannon has an opportunity to maybe crack the first round of the draft.  He is a massive player that has good athletic ability for his size, however he projects mainly as a right tackle or a guard.  When you look around the NFL there are many teams that are in need of offensive line help so Cannon will benefit from that need.
  • Quarterback Andy Dalton is an interesting prospect in that he has experience and a winning pedigree which are things you cannot ignore.  At 6-1 he is on the small side and that combined with a side armed delivery means that he might struggle getting the ball over defenders.  There is going to be a lot of discussion about the offensive system and competition he played which could be helped if he gets an invite to the Senior Bowl.


  • Utah’s corner Brandon Burton has generated a lot of buzz with his play on the field.  He has been more than solid all season long and has greatly improved his stock.  His signature game was in the opener vs Jon Baldwin of Pitt where he limited Baldwin and if it wasn’t for 1 big play he would have all but taken him 0ut of the game.
  • Zane Taylor has been a staple on the Utah offensive for awhile and the center is going to get a look.  He has good size and ability but might be a later round selection for a team looking to add depth.