Top Prospects Key Weekend Matchups: Week 9


Each week NFL Mocks will release an article discussing the top prospect match-ups of the weekend.   We hope to show you what match-ups you should keep an eye on and what would help or hurt that prospects stock.  We encourage you to take a look at these match-ups and watch closely on Saturday to see who comes out on top.  We will discuss the results of those match-ups on Sunday.

Game: #22 Miami @ Virgina

Where To Watch: Saturday October 30th, 12:00pm ESPN

Prospects: Miami WR #85 Leonard Hankerson vs Virginia CB #19 Ras-I Dowling

Thoughts: Hankerson has had a very good season thus far and nobody is has been able to slow him down.  This weekend will be one of his toughest match-ups all season as the takes on first round talent Ras-I Dowling.  Dowling is a big physical corner that has the ability to completely shut down any wide receiver he faces.  Miami is the superior team and that could have an impact on the result of this head to head match-up.

How they Raise their Stock: Hankerson will have his opportunities to make plays and like he has all season he needs to convert.  Dowling is going to get physical with him so his release off the line of scrimmage will be key.  For Hankerson he just needs to have a consistent game and avoid drops, hauling in 5-6 catches for about 80 yards would help keep his stock on a steady rise.  For Dowling he needs to remain focused and avoid giving up the big play.  Hankerson has a knack for making plays deep down the field so Dowling will need keep Hankerson in front of him.

Game: Clemson @ Boston College

Where To Watch: Saturday October30th, 12:00pm ESPN3

Prospects: Clemson DE #93 Da’Quan Bowers vs Boston College OT #74 Anthony Castonzo

Thoughts: This season has been a breakout season for the talented Bowers.  He has finally put it all together and is playing strong against the run and rushing the passer.  Boston College isn’t a strong passing team so they will test Bowers’ run defense skills,  but when they do pass it will be important for Bowers to get pressure.  Castonzo is going to have his hands full with Bowers but this is an opportunity for him to open up some eyes.

How they Raise their Stock:  Bowers stock couldn’t be any hotter right now so just a solid game will keep him on the rise.  He needs to play the run strong in this game because you know BC is going to test him.  Boston College doesn’t pass the ball often so high sack number for Bowers in this game isn’t realistic.  Castonzo has a real chance to make his case for the top tackle prospect if he shuts down Bowers.  This will be a good match-up and I am pretty excited to see the results.

Game: Florida vs Georgia

Where To Watch: Saturday October 30th, 3:30pm CBS

Prospects: Florida CB #1 Janoris Jenkins vs Georgia CB #1 AJ Green

Thoughts:  Can Georgia hand Florida their 4 straight loss?  I feel this is a real possibility and if it happens AJ Green will have a big impact on the game.  The last time the Gators faced a big talented wide receiver they have up 111 yards and 2 touchdowns to Terrence Toliver.  Nothing against Toliver but AJ Green is significantly better and should have a monster game.

How they Raise their Stock: Jenkins was toasted by Toliver, so much so that he wasn’t even covering him late in the game.  I am not sure how Florida plans to defend Green but if Jenkins gets a shot he needs to have a big game.  Green has rare ability and is a nightmare to cover but if Jenkins could limit his big plays and keep him out of the endzone it will help his stock.  Sitting at #2 on our Big Board there isn’t much room for improvement for Green.