NFL Power Rankings: Week 7


Alright I know we are an NFL Draft site but the Power Rankings are going to play an important role here at NFL Mocks. These Rankings are how we will be determining the draft order for our Mock Drafts. So take a look a the Rankings and let us know what you think, as usual I expect some good feedback!  These rankings were completed by staff writer Jon New.

1.  New York Jets (5-1) Not playing this week actually helped the Jets.  In a weird week in the NFL they actually benefited from no other team really standing out.  With Darrelle Revis supposedly at 100% they should be fully healthy coming out of the bye week.
. 2.  New England Patriots (5-1)  Unbelievable that a team can trade Randy Moss and not miss a beat.  San Diego did the Pats a few favors but New England continues to get the job done and can never be counted out.


3.  Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) If not for a questionable call on the goalline they are 4-2.  Roethlisberger looked better on Sunday with a week under his belt.  The real test for the Steelers is coming up with three straight Primetime games to show how good Pittsburgh really is.


4.  Baltimore Ravens (5-2)  They let the winless Bills take them to overtime.  While in the end it will end up as a win in week 7, elite teams are supposed to put away teams like the Bills by halftime.


5.  Tennessee Titans (5-2) Kerry Collins and Vince Young are both banged up.  However, the Titans are playing great defense and continue to win football games no matter who is under center.  With Chris Johnson and the emergence of Kenny Britt the Titans should be okay with either QB playing.

6.  Atlanta Falcons (5-2) Roddy White exploded on the Bengals defense for over 200 yards, and the Falcons continue to dominate at home.  Matt Ryan is continuously improving and the running game has been solid to this point.  Atlanta may be the best team in the NFC, but there is still a lot of time for that to play out.

7.  Indianapolis Colts (4-2) Indianapolis still managed to lose big in week 7 despite not playing a game.  Losing Dallas Clark to injured reserve is a huge blow to a team like the Colts.  It is up to Peyton Manning to step up and make a star out of someone no one has ever heard of at the TE position.


8.  New York Giants (5-2) The Giants didn’t look pretty in beating a struggling Dallas team.  Regardless, a division win is a division win and the Giants are one of the top teams is a very weak NFC.


9.  Green Bay Packers (4-3)  They won a crucial game against a broken Brett Fave at Lambeau.  Despite the injuries Green Bay has suffered this season they are still in a great position in the NFC North.  Aaron Rodgers looked a little off on Sunday night but is still a top QB in the NFL and still has enough weapons to win any game they play.


10.  Houston Texans (4-2)  The Texans have looked great at times and also  quite vulnerable at others.  Despite beating Indianapolis week one they still are going to need to play great football to have a chance in such a tough division with both Indianapolis and Tennessee playing so well.

11.  Kansas City Chiefs (4-2)  The Chiefs are 4-2 and the majority of people out there are shocked they won 4 games at all this season.  That being said they handled their business with 3rd string QB Todd Bouman and the Jaguars.  Are they as good as some of the other 4 win teams?  Of course not, but they have shown some fight and won games that Chiefs teams in prior years would have lost with ease.

12.  Philadelphia Eagles (4-3)  They had Tennessee on the ropes and let it get away.  Kevin Kolb needs reps to improve and with Michael Vick coming back after the bye he isn’t going to get them.  That being said in the weak NFC the Eagles have as good a chance as any team to make a run.

13.  New Orleans Saints (4-3)  The defending Super Bowl champs managed to get beat by a one win Cleveland team at home.  A bigger win for the Browns than a loss for the Saints, but with Atlanta playing so well they find themselves looking up at the Falcons in the standings.  Brees and company will need to bounce back in a hurry on Sunday night against Pittsburgh to avoid being .500 halfway through the season.

14.  Miami Dolphins (3-3) Miami lost a game on a questionable call.  The call may have technically been correct but that is no consolation for the defense after making a great goal line stop.  Miami is 0-3 at home and 3-0 on the road (beating Minnesota and Green Bay) but are in a tough division and need to win their divisional games if they are going to be able to compete for a playoff spot.

15.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)  Josh Freeman looks in control and after spotting the Rams a 2 TD lead brought his team back for a one point victory.  In a division that historically turns over the Buccaneers are gaining confidence with every win.

16.  Seattle Seahawks (4-2)  Mike Williams has finally started his career in the NFL (5 years, and one Matt Millen job later).  Another solid day for the former first round pick ( 11 catches for 87 yards and a TD) helped the Seahawks take control of a miserable NFC west.  Pete Carroll may be setting the bar to high for himself in his first year in Seattle.

17.  Washington Redskins (4-3) They needed DeAngelo Hall to catch almost all of Jay Cutler’s passes to win a game by a mere 3 points.   On the bright side they already have as many wins this year as they did last year and Albert Haynesworth finally showed why they gave him all that money.

18.  Chicago Bears (4-3) Chicago couldn’t win a game no one wanted to win.  Poor Jay Cutler has been sacked so many times he doesn’t know which team to throw the ball to and had another terrible day on Sunday.  The Bears are a team headed in the wrong direction after a 3-0 start and Lovie Smith is going to find himself unemployed if they don’t turn things around in a hurry.

19.  Oakland Raiders (3-4)  Since no one seems to really want to win the AFC West, Oakland might have a shot at a playoff spot.  They absolutely destroyed Denver on Sunday, but their QB spot remains in question due to injuries to Jason Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski.  They definitely won’t win many games if Kyle Boller is forced to play for any significant amount of time.

20.  Arizona Cardinals (3-3) The Cardinals didn’t look sharp on Sunday, but will have a great test this week with surprising Tampa Bay coming to town.  The Cardinals remain troubled at the QB position but things aren’t likely to improve until draft time.

21.  Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) They were on their third string QB on a short week and in the end it cost them as Bouman threw a pick six in an otherwise close game.   The loss of Eben Britton at RT is another blow for a team that has struggled and finds itself in last place in the tough AFC South despite its 3-4 record.

22.  St. Louis Rams (3-4)  Sam Bradford has done something for the Rams that no Rams QB in the past few years has been able to do, he has kept them competitive.  The Rams lost a tough game to Tampa Bay on Sunday and showed they aren’t quite there yet, but the future at least looks bright with Bradford in charge.

23.  San Diego Chargers (2-5)  Vincent Jackson will be back by week 12, but by then it might be to late to matter.  Someone had better trick the Chargers into thinking its December already because another loss or two and they won’t be worried about the playoffs and will be more concerned with their upcoming draft picks.

24.  Cleveland Browns (2-5)  The Browns looked like a team who was not afraid to lose.  They capitalized on Drew Brees’ mistakes and even broke out trick plays, a leisure teams can take when their playoff hopes are dashed by week 3.  While the Browns record isn’t great they have shown significant improvement and proven to be a tough team to play.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (2-4)  The Bengals can’t seem to play a complete game and other than the 3rd quarter at Atlanta they weren’t very good. The offense was better, but the defense couldn’t get off the field.  The penalties continue to shoot them in the foot and Terrell Owens and OchoCinco look disinterested and lazy out there.

26.  Minnesota Vikings (2-4)  I doubt Brett Favre envisioned this scenario when his teammates showed up at his house to convince him to come back in August.  He looks old and miserable limping around the field throwing terrible passes to opposing teams.  The Vikings aren’t done yet, but its starting to look bleak in the Twin Cities.

27.  Denver Broncos (2-5) Wow.  Denver made Oakland look like a Super Bowl contender on Sunday.  They were absolutely destroyed on both sides of the ball and allowed Darren McFadden to rush for over 10 yards a carry.  Since their 6-0 start in 2009 the Broncos are a miserable 4-13.  Josh McDaniels’ seat may get hot soon.

28.  Dallas Cowboys (1-5) With Tony Romo out for the season and the Cowboys season already in shambles its time to start looking at a potential top 10 draft pick for Dallas.  This may be a great chance for Jerry Jones to secure a top offensive lineman early in the draft to protect Tony Romo.

29.  Detroit Lions (1-5) Good news for the Lions.  They didn’t lose this week and Matthew Stafford should be back in week 8.  The Lions desperately need Stafford to play with the loss of Shaun Hill to a broken arm.

30. Carolina Panthers (1-5)  They finally got a win, albeit against a terrible San Fransisco team.  Matt Moore looked improved during his second stint as the starter but is not likely the long term answer.  The Panthers are going to be a team in turmoil this offseason with many holes to fill and a lame duck coach likely on his way out of town.

31. San Francisco 49ers (1-6) Unfortunately for fans in England the 49ers are headed overseas for a match up with the Broncos on Halloween.  Mike Singletary had better change something or he will find himself unemployed after losing to the previously winless Panthers.

32.  Buffalo Bills (0-6) You have to feel sorry for Bills fans.  They stormed out of the gate in a hurry against Baltimore on Sunday and had a 17-3 lead.  The defense let it slip away in a hurry and in the end they fall to 0-6 despite playing their most competitive game of the season.