2011 Mock Draft


1.       Carolina Panthers – Robert Quinn DE, North Carolina
I know Quinn is suspended indefinitely, but you can’t deny his talent. I’m not a guru yet, but saying that Quinn will fall out of the top 10 sounds ludicrous to me.

2.       Buffalo Bills – Andrew Luck QB, Stanford
Luck is the consensus number one QB. It’s still early, though. Plus, no one knows for absolutely sure that Luck is going to come out.  GM Buddy Nix apparently drafted best available last year.

3.       Cleveland Browns – AJ Green WR, Georgia
If Green declares, he’ll be the number one wide receiver prospect. Legit number one QB needed here as well, but based on past drafts, Mike Holmgren doesn’t draft quarterbacks in round one.

4.      Detroit Lions – Patrick Peterson CB, LSU
The Lions could really use help in their secondary. It’s very close between Peterson and Amukamara from Nebraska as the number one corner.

5.       New England Patriots (from Oakland) – Prince Amukamara CB, Nebraska
It’s going to be an interesting competition to watch between Amukamara and Peterson for the best corner in the 2011 NFL Draft. The Patriots are ranked 29th against the pass. They drafted McCourty last year, but more help is needed.

6.       Denver Broncos – Marcell Dareus, DL, Alabama
The Broncos are having trouble getting to the QB. They have just seven sacks in six games. Dareus is a versatile defensive lineman who could collapse the pocket or just plain take the QB down.

7.       Dallas Cowboys – Adrian Clayborn DL, Iowa
Marcus Spears and a few other defensive ends for the Cowboys could be free agents in 2011, so taking Clayborn could ease their minds if they let Marcus Spears walk.

8.        Cincinnati Bengals – Allen Bailey DL, Miami (FL)
The Bengals are a little weak against the run this year. Allen Bailey has shown us this year that he has the potential of being a top 10 caliber player.

9.      San Francisco 49ers – Ryan Mallett QB, Arkansas
Mike Singletary is out after this season is over. A change at head coach means there’s a very good chance they’ll be looking to change QBs, too. Too much talent on this team to be 1-5.

10.   San Diego Chargers – Derek Sherrod OT, Mississippi State
There are no offensive tackles who have risen as much as Sherrod has this season (at least that I can remember). Chargers have allowed the fourth most sacks in the league so far.

11.   St. Louis Rams – Julio Jones WR, Alabama
Donnie Avery (preseason) and Michael Clayton (two weeks ago) have both been lost for the year. A number one receiver was needed before these season-ending injuries happened.

12.   Minnesota Vikings – Aaron Williams CB, Texas
Best available here. They got Chris Cook last year and their secondary could still use a little upgrade.

13.   Arizona Cardinals – Cameron Heyward DL, Ohio State
The Cards are really struggling on defense. Pairing Heyward with last year’s first rounder DT Dan Williams would provide them with a good foundation to build off of.

14.   Jacksonville Jaguars – Jake Locker QB, Washington
David Garrard needs an immediate replacement. They thought he could be a late bloomer, but 2007 has been proven that it was his high point or fluke. Whatever it was, Garrard is clearly not a viable option for the Jags. Plus Del Rio most likely will be gone. It’s only a matter of time.

15.   Seattle Seahawks – Brandon Harris CB, Miami (FL)
The Seahawks are 30th against the pass. Defensive backs need an upgrade or two.

16.   Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mark Ingram RB, Alabama
The Bucs need some stability at running back. Nothing helps a young QB more than a good running game. Ask Sam Bradford, Matt Ryan, and Joe Flacco.

17.   Green Bay Packers – Janoris Jenkins CB, Florida
The Packers have been ravaged by injuries this year and their secondary is really hurting. Charles Woodson and Al Harris are older, but could be losing some of their stuff soon.

18.   Washington Redskins – Jeremy Beal DE/OLB, Oklahoma
The Redskins are ranked dead last in the league in total yards allowed on defense. Converting to the 3-4 means a couple years of adjusting. Brian Orakpo would be well complemented by adding Jeremy Beal.

19.  Miami Dolphins – Cameron Jordan DL, California
Jordan is another player who’s really jumped up draft boards this season. He can hold up against the run and pass, but I see him as a better pass rusher. The Dolphins traded down after the Jaguars drafted Alualu last year, so here they get their Cal defensive lineman.

20.   Atlanta Falcons – Jimmy Smith CB, Colorado
The Falcons’ defense is ranked 25th against the pass. They just can’t seem to fix the defense.

21.   Chicago Bears – Anthony Castonzo OT, Boston College
The Bears are falling apart! And it all starts up front. Castonzo is athletic and does well in pass protection. He just needs to get bigger, stronger, and improve his run blocking.

22.   Kansas City Chiefs – Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame
Floyd has improved his route running pretty well this season. Chris Chambers has been a non-factor this year.

23.   Houston Texans – Ras-I Dowling CB, Virginia
Terrible pass defense. They took a corner first last year, and they may have to take another in 2011.

24.   Indianapolis Colts – Stephen Paea DT, Oregon State
The Colts need interior defensive linemen. It’s no secret, you can run on the Colts. Will it be like the end of 2006 when they couldn’t stop the run to save their lives or will it be like the playoffs of that year where all of a sudden, they dominate against it? Only time will tell.

25.   New Orleans Saints – Da’Quan Bowers DE, Clemson
The Saints could use some help along their defensive line. Lucky for them, the first round in 2011 will be chock full of good defensive linemen.

26.   Philadelphia Eagles – DeMarcus Love OT, Arkansas
The Eagles have allowed their quarterbacks to be sacked 20 times and hit 34 times, ranked 31st and 30th in the league, respectively. Protection needs to be improved for whoever’s the QB.

27.   Tennessee Titans – DeAndre McDaniel SS, Clemson
The Titans are struggling somewhat against the pass this season. Rookie Alterrun Verner is playing well and he could make Jeff Fisher comfortable with his current corners. Christian Ponder could be an option here, depending on what the Titans are thinking.

28.   Baltimore Ravens – Curtis Brown CB, Texas
The Ravens biggest need is at corner.

29.   New England Patriots – Rodney Hudson OG, Florida State
Hudson has won multiple blocking awards and is a bit undersized, but his play has definitely shown that he can hold up.

30.   New York Jets – Marvin Austin DT, North Carolina
Who knows how far Austin will drop, but I wouldn’t completely throw out the notion that he still has a chance of making the late first round. Maybe Rex Ryan could get the great out of him, after getting him at a great value.

31.   New York Giants – Bruce Carter OLB, North Carolina
Best available defensive player here for the Giants. Carter would be too good to pass up at this slot. He plays sideline to sideline and can become a real playmaker. Also a tremendous special-teamer.

32.   Pittsburgh Steelers – Akeem Ayers OLB, UCLA
James Harrison was threatening to retire. What an immature and ridiculous way to act. Pay your fine, don’t play dirty. The first hit he dished out was legal, I have no problem with it, but the second one, which he got fined for, he launched himself. No excuse for one.