NFL Power Rankings: Week 5


Alright I know we are an NFL Draft site but the Power Rankings are going to play an important role here at NFL Mocks.  These Rankings are how we will be determining the draft order for our Mock Drafts.  So take a look a the Rankings and let us know what you think, as usual I expect some good feedback!

1. New York Jets– It was a big win last night for the Jets.  Then came in to a game against the Vikings who stole the headlines by acquiring Randy Moss and still stay focused and pulled off the win.  They have a winning formula and that’s running the ball, playing strong defense, and not turning it over.

2. Baltimore Ravens– The Ravens keep on rolling and Joe Flacco keeps on developing.  The Ravens are much like the Jets in that they can run the ball, play good defense, and limit turnovers.  The only reason they are ranked #2 is because I believe the Jets secondary is a lot stronger than the Ravens.  At some point that might be exploited as a weakness.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers–  They have shocked a lot of people so far this year and now they get their franchise quarterback back.  With this defense and the return of Big Ben, nobody is going to want to face this team.


4. Atlanta Falcons–  This team as quietly put themselves at the top of the NFC and look every bit the part.  They have won a few ugly games but a win is a win and that’s all that matters.  Matt Ryan is continuing his asention to the top of the quarterback ranks.


5. Chicago Bears–  Speak about ugly wins!  The Bears quarterbacks combined for 51 passing yards and 4 interceptions!  However, this defense looks to be stronger than every and it was nice to see another player emerge opposite Julius Peppers.  Idonije posted a career high 3 sacks in the win and it looks like the Bears will be getting Culter back for next weeks game.


6.  New England Patriots–  Does anyone really feel that the Patriots will miss Randy Moss all that much?  Moss is a great player but I think the Pats have a solid plan and they know how to win football games.  Look for New England to spread the ball around more and get others involved in the offense.

7. Kansas City Chiefs– The Chiefs suffered their first loss but they still played very well against a good Colts team.  The defense is for real and they will be able to keep this team in a lot of football games.  They just need to find a way to score points consistently.  The  pressure is going to start to pick up for quarterback Matt Cassel.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers– Nobody expected this team to be any good this year, including me.  However, they have been able to put together a nice start to the season and yesterdays win was a big one.  I have to admit that Josh Freeman is well ahead of where I expected him to be at this point in his career.

9. Indianapolis Colts–  The Colts had a good win against the Chiefs and did so by limiting the Chiefs rushing attack.  However, things just don’t seem to be clicking on offense and the Colts have struggled to protect Peyton.  This will be something that other teams pick up on!

10. Washington Redskins– Wins like the one the Redskins had yesterday are ones that could get a team on a good role.  The defense played well all game and the offense responded when it had to.  They should have some momentum going forward after those big wins against the Packers and Eagles.

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11. New Orleans Saints–  The Saints do not look like the team that won the Super Bowl last season and a lot of that has to do with struggles on the offensive side of the ball.  Sundays loss to the Cardinals was very ugly and I am sure Drew Brees will take a lot of the blame because you can’t throw 3 interceptions and expect to win the game.

12. Houston Texans– This Texans team is a good team but they need to be very careful.  Thus far this season they have not been playing up to their potential and if they hope to make the playoffs this season they need to win the games they are suppose to.  Getting beat up by the Giants was a bad loss and this would have been a good opportunity to separate themselves from the pack.

13. Green Bay Packers– The talent is there but the execution just isn’t and now injuries are becoming a real issue.  If Aaron Rodgers missed more than a game the Packers could be in a real bad situation because they haven’t played all that well with Rodgers in the lineup.  I wonder if they are questioning their decision not to trade for Marshawn Lynch?

14. Tennessee Titans– I was really impressed with their win against the Cowboys.  Maybe I am overrated the Cowboys but I expected them to come out of the bye week ready to go and the Titans were able to weather that storm and pull out the victory.  I would say that one of the biggest questions coming into the season was how their pass rush would be, I think they answered that!

15. New York Giants–  This defense is starting to play the way we expected them to last season.  That front four might be the best in football and if they can get that type of pressure on the quarterback all season they will be in position to win a lot of games.  I still have some worries about their offensive line.

16. Philadelphia Eagles– I know they beat the winless 49ers but it was nice to see Kolb play with some confidence.  They aren’t ranked any higher because of the questions at quarterback and I think their defense still has to prove a few things.  However, things are looking better than after the sloppy loss to the Redskins.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars– I really can’t figure this team out, one week they look terrible (vs Eagles) and the next they look great (vs Colts).  I need a few more good games before I rank them any higher.


18. Miami Dolphins– The back to back division losses hurt but I think they are a better team then the one that showed up against the Patriots.  I expect Chad Henne to have a bounce back game against the Packers, who could be without Aaron Rodgers.  I think that the Dolphins pass rush could have an impact on whether or not Rodgers plays.

19. Arizona Cardinals–  The Cardinals defense isn’t going to create 4 turnovers every game and that means that undrafted rookie quarterback Max Hall is going to have to win a few games.  I just don’t feel like this is a very good team and until Hall shows me something I am going to continue to feel that way.

20. Oakland Raiders–  It doesn’t seem to matter who is running the ball for the Raiders they just get it done.  If this team can run the ball effectively every week they will have a chance to win more games then people think.  The quarterback carousel is going to keep them from being a really good team.

21.  San Diego Chargers–  I would argue that the Chargers have had the easiest schedule so far this season and they still only have a record of 2-3.  They have losses to the Chiefs, Seahawks, and now division rival Raiders.  This team feels that they are Super Bowl contenders but they are not playing like it!

22. Cincinnati Bengals–  You cannot loose back to back games to the Browns and Buccaneers and expect to make the playoffs.  A lot has to change if this team expects to compete for a playoff spot.  The fact that Cincinnati plays in the AFC North already puts them behind a few other teams in the AFC and right now they don’t even belong in the same breath as the Ravens and Steelers.

23. Denver Broncos–  I am going to come right out and say that Denver’s decision to go offense heavy early in the last two drafts has come back to haunt them.  They thought they could fill out their defense with injury prone vets and it hasn’t worked.  Here is a list of the last few draft picks for the Broncos that are struggling Knowshon Moreno, Robert Ayers, Alphonso Smith, and they used their first 5 picks of the 2010 draft on offensive players.

24.  Seattle Seahawks–  I am interested to see how the addition of Marshawn Lynch helps the offense.  Someone has to win the NFC West so the Seahawks could be a fast rising team on our power rankings.


25. St. Louis Rams–  That was an ugly loss to the Detroit Lions and I am sure they will do everything they can to wash the stink off themselves.  The truth remains while they have shown improvement this team is not very talented and with a rookie quarterback they will have their struggles.

26. Dallas Cowboys– Now I don’t really think that the Rams and Seahawks are better than the Cowboys but so far this season they have played better.  The upcoming game against the Vikings is one of those games that can really make or break a season, the Cowboys cannot afford to start the season 1-4.

27. Minnesota Vikings–  To me it just seems that the more a team is in the media the more they struggle.  The Vikings have dominated the headlines since the latest Favre retirement and un-retirement and now they bring on the controversial Randy Moss.  Unfocused teams don’t win football games!

28. Cleveland Browns– This weekends game against the Falcons was within reach and it seems like they found a player at running back in Peyton Hillis.  However, the problem still surrounds the quarterback position and this weekend rookie Colt McCoy makes his first career start against a great Pittsburgh defense.

29. Detroit Lions–  The Lions got their first win of the season over the weekend and they looked pretty good doing so.  This team has faced a very tough schedule and I think they are going to end the season with about 5 wins!  They have brought in a good mix of vets and young talent and it seems to be moving in the right directions. Getting Stafford healthy would be nice.

30. San Francisco 49ers–  What a terrible start to a football season!  This team is much much better than their record but until they start winning football games you cannot rate them any higher.  Their biggest problems so far are turnovers and inconsistency.

31. Buffalo Bills–  It’s nice to see the way the team responds to Ryan Fitzpatrick but he isn’t the quarterback of the future.  There just isn’t a lot of talent on this team and they will struggle to win any games this season.  I feel that it will be a real battle between them and the last ranked there here for the #1 overall pick.

32. Carolina Panthers–  The past weekends loss against the Bears has to be a low point for the John Fox era.  They looked terrible on offense and just could not capitalize on the Bears 5 turnovers.  There are a lot of people that felt that Jimmy Clausen couldn’t cut it in the NFL but he has no chance when he doesn’t get protection and has 2 rookies starting at wide receiver.  It is going to be a long season for Panthers fans!