Updated Team Needs: NFC East


One of the most important factors when preparing for the NFL Draft is knowing each and every NFL team.  NFL Mocks keeps a very close eye on each team and will bring you an updated needs assessment at the end of each month.  These needs will help as we prepare to make predictions for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Continue to check out our team needs page to find the most recent assessments.  Also after looking at the team needs move on over to the Big Board and see what prospects might fit your teams need.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have a lot of young talented players at many different positions so keying in on a needs is difficult.  Pinpointing the need is hard because you want to allow time for young players to develop but I think the one position they are lacking young talent is the cornerback position.  Asante Samuel is getting older and Ellis Hobbs has not be an consistent performer so this is a position I think the Eagles could focus on upgrading.  The Eagles still play an attacking defensive style so having good lock down corners is a must.  There are several players the Eagles could look at and they include Ras-I Dowling, Janoris Jenkins, Curtis Brown, and Aaron Williams.

Dallas Cowboys

I think a lot of people would quickly identify the offensive line as the top need for the Dallas Cowboys and that could be a correct statement.  However, I feel that adding a playmaking safety to the mix would take their defense to the next level.  They already have an excellent pass rush now they need to add a ball hawk in the back end to create turnovers.  This draft has two players that I feel would scratch that itch, Rahim Moore and DeAndre McDaniel.

New York Giants

Once considered the best offensive line in all the NFL we have seen this unit’s play drop in the last two seasons.  The Giants are struggling to open up running lanes and Eli has been under immense pressure so far this season.  New York plays in a division that has DeMarcus Ware and Brian Orakpo both who are excellent edge rushers.  Adding an offensive tackle that can neutralize the speed rushers would provide Eli the time he needs to get the ball down field.  I think Boston College’s Anthony Castonzo would be a great fit for this Giants offense.

Washington Redskins

The NFL world has been singing the praises of Clinton Portis this offseason saying that he looked rejuvenated and healthy for the first time in years.  Thus far this season he hasn’t looked very good and the offseason signings of Larry Johnson and Willie Parker didn’t pan out.  The Redskins need to find some young talent to take over the rushing load from Portis and also take some pressure off of McNabb.  I am sure many will point out the lack of wide receivers on this team and I think that is also a position the Redskins will take a long look at upgrading.  An argument for adding a wide out over a running back might lie in Coach Shanahan’s history of developing late round running backs.