6-2 228lbs Senior 6-2 228lbs Senior

2011 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Daniel Thomas, Kansas St.


Daniel Thomas-RB- Kansas St.

6-2 228lbs Senior


2009-  247 carries, 1265 yards, 11 TDs, 25 catches, 257 yards


Daniel Thomas is going to be maybe the top back that your not very familiar with getting prepared for the 2011 NFL Draft.  Thomas is a big and powerful running back that has the speed necessary to make it in the NFL.  Thomas has shown great vision by finding and rarely missing an open running lane.  He uses his quick burst to get through those open holes before they are plugged by a defender.  When he gets through the initial hole he is very difficult to bring down and often breaks the first attempted tackle.  He keeps his legs churning fighting for every last yard available.  Thomas is tailor made to be a short yardage back in the NFL and likely a lot more.  He has shown that he is capable of being a 3 down back in the NFL because he is a capable and willing pass blocker and he has reliable hands.


While Thomas has very good vision that can sometimes be his undoing.  He is always looking for the perfect open hole but sometimes they just don’t materialize.  Rather than just taking what he can get he will be overly patient and that leads to more than necessary lost yardage.  Thomas does have good speed but he isn’t a burner and will not out run many NFL defensive backs.  He also needs to spend time tightening up his route running.  In passing situations he struggles to get separation from the faster linebackers.


The NFL is continuing it’s movement towards multiple backs contributing to an offense and Thomas is going to benefit from that.  Thomas is capable of carrying the load and making people pay between the tackles.  He is also going to be your short yardage and goal line back but he would benefit from having a scat back partner.  His limitations as a route runner will limit his effectiveness in passing situations.

Projected Round:

I think that Thomas is going to be a nice 2nd round pick and will challenge for playing time as a rookie.