Mock Draft – Round One v.1.0

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Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
17. Tim Tebow
Quarterback Florida

Before you trash this pick, hear me out: the Jags are the one team where Tebow would thrive, running a wildcat variation offense with David Garrard and giving defensive coordinators fits in gameplanning each week.

18. Danario Alexander
Wide Receiver

The only way the Ravens pass on Alexander here is if Dez Bryant is still on the board. Baltimore has to upgrade its offensive firepower this off-season and give Joe Flacco someone decent to throw the ball to.

19. Brandon LaFell
Wide Receiver

Even if the Jets keep Braylong Edwards around next season, they’re going to have to find another quality receiver for Mark Sancez to work with. LaFell is a guy that could be all that and more.

20. Brandon Spikes
Linebacker Florida

With Antonio Pierce possibly looking at an early retirement, the Giants have to get a solid player to fill his shoes ASAP and I’m not convinced Jonathan Goff can handle it. Spikes on the other hand is more than up to the task.

21. Dan Williams
Defensive Tackle

The one thing that really makes a Bill Parcells defense go is a stand out nose tackle, and while Jason Ferguson has played well it’s time for an upgrade. Williams is capable of handling that.

22. Bruce Campbell
Offensive Tackle Maryland

The Cardinals haven’t had a lot to be happy about as of late with their offensive line, and they’re going to have to address it sooner or later. With Campbell still on the board, that has to happen here.

23. Anthony Davis
Offensive Tackle

Davis is a tremendous run blocker on the right side and should transition well into that role in the NFL. If he can improve his pass blocking, the Cowboys will be all the better.

24. (DEN) C.J. Spiller
Running Back

Seattle has experimented with a bunch of backs since Shaun Alexander was shown the door, but none of them have been up to the task. Spiller won’t have that same problem and will be a force in the return game as well.

25. Arthur Jones
3-4 Defensive End

The biggest problem the Patriots have had this season has been replacing Richard Seymour, and while Jones isn’t anywhere close to being that good right now, he has the potential to get there fairly soon.

26. Charles Brown
Offensive Tackle

Pass protection has been horrific for the Packers this year, with countless injuries causing low talent players to fill in the gaps. Brown should help out a ton in that regard.

27. Jermaine Gresham
Tight End

The only position on the Bengals offense that has been lacking is tight end, and while they may have bigger issues to worry about next spring, taking Gresham here would be a solid move.

28. Greg Hardy
Defensive End
Ole Miss

Philadelphia has so few holes that they can afford to take a player based purely on talent rather than need here. Hardy will be an excellent addition to an already lethal Eagles pass rush.

29. Jerry Hughes
3-4 Rush Linebacker

With Shawne Merriman likely gone this off-season, the Chargers will need to find a replacement pretty quick. Hughes has the skill to be all that and more.

30. Trevard Lindley

Minnesota’s biggest weakness lies in their pass defense, and while Antoine Winfield still has what it takes, the rest of their corners can’t say the same. Lindley will go a long way towards fixing that.

31. Travis Lewis

This is a case of taking the best available player here, as the Saints have enough talent already in place to sustain their status as one of the NFC’s top teams. Lewis is a playmaker at LB and will be a force early on in New Orleans.

32. Myron Lewis

Bob Sanders isn’t likely to go anywhere this off-season, but given his health record, getting a good safety to take his spot when he goes down may be a priority for the Colts.