Mock Draft – Round One v.1.0

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One of my favorite things to do this time of year is building my mock draft, as key players at the collegiate level are beginning to declare and we now have a full season to work with in determining who’s the most valuable player on the board.

Obviously, it’s still early on in the process, and the picks are definitely subject to change from week to week, but for now, here’s how I see things breaking down in round one.

Note – Draft order is based on NFL Mocks latest projection

Pick Team Player Selected Player’s Position Player’s School Analysis
1. Ndamukong Suh Defensive Tackle Nebraska

This is the no brainer pick of the draft, as Suh is by far the best player available and the Rams would be wise to take him regardless of need.

2. Eric Berry
Safety Tennessee

The Bucs would probably rather have Suh, but upgrading their secondary with a premier playmaker like Berry isn’t all that bad either.

3. Jimmy Clausen
Quarterback Notre Dame

The fans in Cleveland won’t like this pick, but it’s the only one that really makes sense here, as Quinn and Anderson have been universal disappointments thus far.

4. Russell Okung
Offensive Tackle
Oklahoma State

The Lions could take Gerald McCoy here, but if they’re ever going to make it out of the cellar, improving their blocking up front will be a must.

5. Terrance Cody
Defensive Tackle Alabama

This pick will hinge on what the Chiefs do in free agency, as they could get a good nose tackle there instead of drafting one here. A tackle is a possibility as well.

6. Sam Bradford
Quarterback Oklahoma

Can’t say that I agree with Bradford’s value here, but given Dan Snyder’s stated intentions of getting another QB, this is probably the best option.

7. Taylor Mays
Safety USC

There’s little doubt that Al Davis will fall in love with Mays early on, given his measurables, and for once it wouldn’t be a bad pick based on the talent Mays brings to the table.

8. Trent Williams
Offensive Tackle Oklahoma

With Walter Jones set to retire, the Seahawks are going to be in a world of hurt if they don’t fix their O-line real quick. Williams takes care of that and then some.

9. (CHI) Dez Bryant
Wide Receiver
Oklahoma State

For some reason, I can’t believe Josh McDaniels would pass on taking a talent like Bryant here, especially if they can’t get an extension done with Brandon Marshall.

10. Gerald McCoy
Defensive Tackle Oklahoma

The Bills have other needs to fill, but they can’t ignore the value McCoy presents here, as he has top five talent. Upgrading their D-line can’t hurt either.

11. (CAR) Bryan Bulaga
Offensive Tackle Iowa

Finding a solid tackle to pair with Joe Staley is going to be a big priority for the Niners this off-season and if Bulaga declares, he’ll be high on the list in San Fran’s war room.

12. Earl Thomas
Safety Texas

With Troy Polamalu out of action this season, the Steelers have been exposed big time in their secondary. Taking Thomas here would be a good way to fix that fairly quick.

13. Joe Haden
Cornerback Florida

Getting a legitimate shut down corner in Haden with this pick would be a real coup for the 49ers, as their defense would have the ability to blitz early and often.

14. Derrick Morgan
Defensive End Georgia Tech

The Falcons couldn’t ask for a better player than Morgan here, as he has the ability to consistently put pressure on opposing QBs.

15. Reshad Jones
Safety Georgia

Even with the addition of Bernard Pollard, the Texans secondary has been problematic this season, making it imperative that Houston finds a safety in this draft.

16. Rolando McClain

The Titans would have to be ecstatic if McClain’s still on the board when they pick, as he’s valued much, much higher. Plus, Keith Bulluck isn’t getting any younger, so McClain makes a ton of sense here.