Jake Locker Didn’t Receive 1st-Round Grade From NFL Advisory Committee


Jake Locker shocked the draft world earlier in the week when he announced that he was going to return to Washington for his senior year.

Many believed that Locker would have been a top ten lock. ESPN’s Todd McShay even stated over and over that Locker could have been the first overall pick in the draft. Apparently that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

The NFL Advisory committee failed to give Jake Locker a first-round grade.

A source told ProFootballTalk.com, “McShay is clueless. Up until three weeks before the 2008 draft, he said that [Kentucky’s] Andre Woodson would be a first-round pick.  He went in the sixth and is out of the league.”

The source continued, “The problem I have with people like McShay saying stupid things is parents and others who ‘advise’ these kids think McShay knows what he is talking about and they believe him before they believe the Advisory Committee.

“Then, when the kids go a lot lower than projected they are pissed and/or depressed. . . . This stuff happens every year and we have to deal with the broken hearts because people who don’t know what they are talking about put visions of grandeur into young players’ heads.”

After hearing all of this, it appears that Jake Locker made the right decision on his future. Another year at Washington will work in his favor, especially considering the coaching he will get from Steve Sarkisian. Locker also has the benefit that many college quarterbacks don’t have which is playing in a pro-style offense.