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USC Trojans RB CJ Gable Could Run to NFL


It was reported yesterday that USC running back Stafon Johnson may still petition the NCAA for another year of eligibility and return to school, but the situation could be different for another USC tailback.

CJ Gable started all but one game for the University of Southern California last season and he was was tied with a team leading 10 rushing touchdowns. However, the redshirt junior has become frustrated with his lack of carries at USC; he has 12 carries this season.

It’s been frustrating,” Gable said. “Anybody would be frustrated. … Why would you play if you don’t care whether you get in or not?

“I care because I want to play. But I can’t do anything about it but keep on doing what I’m doing, which is work hard and let everybody see what I can do.”

Gable plans on talking with head coach Pete Carroll after the team faces Boston College in the Emerald Bowl. Gable needs only three classes to graduate, and he realizes that there is more to life than just football.

“(In the past) I’ve always been basing my decisions off anger, but now I’m thinking clearly.

“The most important thing is graduating. I’ve learned that football isn’t everything. There is life after football. It’s been difficult, but I just get in a rhythm in practice and I forget that I’m not playing anymore. I don’t talk about it unless somebody brings it up.”

The frustration is clear. Whether it will be enough to send Gable to the NFL has yet to be determined. Gable would like to have more playing time, but both of USC’s leading rushers from this season, Joe McKnight and Allen Bradford, are returning.