MockStock: QB Matthew Stafford


Our mockstock feature continues as the NFL Draft approaches. Today we look at Georgia QB Matthew Stafford and how NFL ready he appears to be.

Leadership: 9
Stafford likes to put his team on his shoulders, and he likes to make big plays. The problem is that his big play mentality also helps out the defense because a lot of times it fails.

Arm Strength: 10
He has a super arm. There’s not a lot of throws Stafford can’t make and that’s the reason he will likely be the #1 pick in this 1009 NFL Draft to the Lions. He likes to look down the field first and then come back through his reads to shorter throws.

Accuracy: 9
This is the one thing he needs to work on some. His accuracy isn’t bad, but it also doesn’t compare nicely to his arm strength. When people discuss Stafford they talk about his strength and not his precision.

Awareness: 8
Stafford is going to be like most rookie quarterbacks, meaning he is going to make mistakes when he misreads defenses. In college he had a few lapses but he still didn’t turn the ball over excessively.

NFL Readiness: 10
First of all no NFL QB is ever going to be 100% ready but based off of his physical tools, skill set, and athletic ability I think Stafford is as ready as any college QB making the leap to the pros can be. He has a lot of work to do but he will work hard and will try to make it at the next level.

Score: 46
Stafford is a guy I’ve been watching for a couple of years. He’s been my pick as the top NFL ready quarterback for that entire period. I expect him to make it in the league, although a lot will depend on which team he goes to.