MockStock: OT Andre Smith


Andre Smith was a dominant force from the minute he stepped on the field at Bryant Denney Stadium for his first game in an Alabama Crimson Tide uniform.

Everyone knew he would be.

By all means he was an offensive lineman, yes an offensive lineman, that won Alabama’s Mr. Football honor coming out of high school. Did I say he was an offensive line?

If you want to know how good Smith is, well that’s how good. And he was that good the entire time he was at Alabama. He started every game he wasn’t injured or suspended for (Utah).

Let’s break him down:

Run Blocking: 10
No doubt that this was always Smith’s strong suit at Alabama. When he was missing against Utah the Crimson Tide’s strength, their offensive line and uncontrollable running game, was stuffed.

Pass Blocking: 8
Smith’s one weakness might be pass blocking. He struggles with his footwork against speed rushers.

Awareness: 10
It’s not easy to judge the ‘awareness’ of an offensive lineman, but since Smith usually does pick up every blocker in his way I’d say he’s seeing the field just fine.

Overall Size: 10
Smith is an overpowering figure that probably scared the heck out of opposing defensive lineman over this three seasons at Alabama. I expect him to have the same affect on a lot of the defensive lineman he will face in the NFL after he gets a few years of experience behind him.

NFL Readiness: 10
If you’ve ever seen footwork of Smith then you know he’s an obvious top ten pick and it’s even arguable that he’s the most NFL ready prospect in this draft class.

Overall: 48
Smith’s name is going to be called very early in April and he’s earned it. He should have a very successful NFL career.