MockStock: Michael Crabtree


I’ve been saying since the end of his freshman season that Michael Crabtree is a can’t miss NFL prospect. He was redshirted his first season, which is what allowed him to become NFL Draft eligible. He took advantage and decided to leave Texas Tech early.

I don’t blame him.

This guy can be the next Larry Fitzgerald. He isn’t as physically overpowering as Fitzgerald but he is a playmaker. He would automatically upgrade any offense. Graham Harrell’s disastrous performance at the Senior Bowl only makes Crabtree look better.

Let’s break him down:

Hands: 10
Crabtree can catch anything. He has great hands and he will go up and catch anything with them.

Vertical Leap: 9
Crabtree doesn’t have the leaping ability of Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant but he does have a nice sized leap. He can go up and catch passes and he’s not afraid to do it in traffic. Those things usually equal a great receiver.

Speed: 8
His speed isn’t lightning quick but he’s very strong and athletic, allowing him to break tackles without “breakaway speed”. I expect his quickness to translate well into the NFL.

Awareness: 10
If Graham Harrell was in trouble Crabtree always came back to him and allowed him to have a security blanket. Crabtree always knows where the ball is and he’s always trying to block down the field on run plays.

NFL Readiness: 10
I think he’s the most NFL ready playmaker in this draft. He will upgrade any offense automatically. I have a feeling a lot of GMs are going to try to trade up to get in position to take him.

Total: 47
He’s ready to play right now, just draft him and stick him into your lineup NFL GMs.