Detroit Lions Draft Needs


“Hey, We’re Only 20 Some Guys Away From a Superbowl!” – Kevin Ferguson, Lead Blogger for Side Lion Report.

I was asked e to write a few paragraphs to address the Lions  needs in regards to the NFL Draft. I then laughed because its much, much easier to address what my team doesn’t need. A wide receiver. We have Calvin Johnson and he is a stud, a clear cut superstar, but that’s about it.

At runningback we have Kevin Smith. At moments, he looked brilliant. But when you’re 0-16, teams don’t respect you so should I pull out all the stats on “who was on defense” when he broke free an bought us some chunk yardage? Thats the deal with bad teams; Your vision is distorted because you can’t see the bigger picture. You can’t tell what’s going on when other teams do not view you as legitimate competition. Coaching wise or Defense and Offense were handled terribly, worst in the league and as the books will tell you, worst in history.

So the needs of the Detroit Lions boils down to the entire defensive core and the entire offensive core aside from Johnson and Smith. I will say keep Dan Orlovsky as I feel we can use a passer that doesn’t turn the ball over. He won’t win you the game, but he won’t lose it for you either and at this point it’s as good as we can do. We have to address the offensive line as it is terrible and our Center Raiola is undersized, we don’t have a tight end worth mentioning and there are going to be no returns at wide receiver aside from Calvin. Defensively, we can’t shore up our nose tackles easily as Marinelli had like 10 guys on roster and its proven to be a cap disaster. Our DE’s are terrible, we have no line backers and our cornerbacks suck while our safeties are non existent. They can all be replaced and the stats support this. Had they given up like 10 more points they would have managed to be the worst defense in the history of the sport of football. So they are the second worst defense in the history of the sport; We can live without all of them.