It's that time of year again. Bowl season and the time for the best college prospect..."/> It's that time of year again. Bowl season and the time for the best college prospect..."/>

Breaking Down the Top of the Draft


It’s that time of year again. Bowl season and the time for the best college prospects to shine. It’s also exam season for college students, so it leaves me busy with less time to break down the top of the draft order. But soon Santa Clause will be bringing talented college players to all the needy NFL teams at the top of the draft.

:Let’s break down what I think would happen at the top of the draft if the draft was today:

This feature will get easier and easier to do each week, and I will go farther in depth as the season progresses. Right now this is just early thoughts.

1. Detroit Lions (0-14): The debate is truly on for the Lions. Do they take one of the big offensive lineman at the top of the draft or do they take a QB? Maybe even another need position can be addressed.  Andre Smith looks like the most sure pick at the top of the draft, and he would help bolster an offensive line that hasn’t been able to get the running game going all season.  They could also take Oher, in my opinion the better pass blocker of the two offensive tackles. Then comes the fan favorite choice….picking a quarterback. Most NFL scouts think that Matthew Stafford is more NFL ready than Sam Bradford, but Bradford has been more accurate and has the most upside. If I had the #1 pick and couldn’t win a game along with having to deal with an unhappy fanbase I’d take the best player available. In this case he’s also the safest bet and that’s Andre Smith.

The Pick: Andre Smith (OT, Alabama)

2. St. Louis Rams (2-12): The Rams have tons of problems but they have a quarterback and a running back that they can trust in the future. They also have young receivers, including Donny Avery to help their offense grow in the future. Last season they took Chris Long, so this around it’s only fitting that they take a offensive tackle. With Andre Smith gone it makes the choice a lot simpler for the Rams. Michael Oher has to be the pick here for now.

The Pick: Michael Oher (Ole Miss)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (2-12): Now the debate continues for the Chiefs between Stafford and Bradford. Last time we had Kansas City taking Matthew Stafford (as I have all along). Since then Sam Bradford has led Oklahoma to the national championship game and has won the Heisman Trophy. Stafford’s Georgia Bulldogs have faded down the stretch and ended up in the Capital One Bowl instead of a BCS game after being ranked preseason #1. Stafford has the stronger arm but doesn’t read defenses as well as Bradford appears to. Stafford is the safer choice. I also think Stafford is the more likely to leave while Bradford is more likely to return.

More is coming up soon on numbers 4-10! And also very soon is a new NFL mock draft!