Here's our newest feature here at Mocks, the "best of the worst" power ran..."/> Here's our newest feature here at Mocks, the "best of the worst" power ran..."/>

NFL Best of the Worst Power Rankings


Here’s our newest feature here at Mocks, the “best of the worst” power rankings. Who is the worst team in the NFL? Well the Lions are certainly on their way to proving they deserve the #1 pick.

Remember this isn’t based off of the current NFL standings for the top of the draft, it’s power rankings of the NFL’s worst teams. Teams will not be ranked by record.

The Lions just keep proving they want to go 0-16 don’t they? The search for a winless season continues today against Indianapolis.

A few more thoughts before we get on to the rankings:

1) St. Louis, please field a NFL team the next time you want to step on the field.
2) Kansas City is improving faster than any team below. The Chiefs are competitive week in and week out.
3) Oakland’s offense is still missing in action.

On to the rankings:

1Detroit Lions0-12The Lions just continue to look bad. Detroit fans I have to applaud you for sticking with your team and being true fans.
2St. Louis Rams2-11Outside of Arizona the rest of the NFC West is missing in action. The Rams have not been competitive in quite a while.
3 Cincinnati Bengals1-11-1The Bengals are trying to be competitive but it’s just not working. Since their tie with the Eagles they’ve scored a total of 16 points in three games.
4Oakland Raiders3-10I’ve never seen an offense so pitiful. I know JaMarcus Russell hasn’t had a lot of time, especially playing in a bad offense but he still hasn’t looked good in his limited time starting.
5Kansas City Chiefs2-11They beat the Raiders in their last meeting but they still only have two wins all season. Kansas City has lost five games by a touchdown or less this year.