This update is mainly just to update the order of the draft and to swap the few players a..."/> This update is mainly just to update the order of the draft and to swap the few players a..."/>

NFL Mock Draft 5.1: Updating The Draft Order


This update is mainly just to update the order of the draft and to swap the few players around that last week’s games affected. I also put the Dallas-Detroit trade into this draft since I forgot to do so last time around. Remember I welcome comments so make sure you tell me what you think.

First here’s some frequently asked questions about my mock draft:

1) The order is done by the current NFL standings. This probably would not be the exact order if the draft took place today (coin flips & playoffs would have to be complete) but it’s a pretty good estimation of what it would look like.

2) This draft has not picked 12 playoff teams. Instead I just did it in the exact order of the NFL Standings, that way nobody can complain about this team or that team being in or out of the playoffs. I will adjust this when we know who the 12 playoff teams are but until then all of my mock drafts will look this way.

2) I do these weekly but only here at so make sure you check back often for updates.

3) Make sure you leave comments below but to remember it is only early November. Right now it is hard to tell what each teams needs.

Without further adu, here’s the latest NFL Mock Draft:

1 Detroit Lions
OT Andre Smith
Smith would help an offensive line that can’t protect anybody at this point. Finding a QB of the future is important but protecting him is important too.
2Kansas City Chiefs
QB Matthew Stafford*
I am starting to come around on Tyler Thigpen but for now I have to stick with the Chiefs going QB here.
3Cincinnati Bengals
OT Michael Oher
Ole Miss
The Bengals wouldn’t be disappointed to get Oher #3 overall, something that didn’t seem possible a few weeks ago.
4Seattle Seahawks
CB Vontae Davis*
The Seahawks need help everywhere and at #4 overall it is arguably too early to take a CB. Do they really care if its too early? Take the right guy.
5St. Louis Rams
OT Eugene Monroe
The Rams still need help on the offensive line, especially after not getting Jake Long last year. Monroe would be a great pickup.
6Oakland Raiders
WR Michael Crabtree*
Texas Tech
Alright Al Davis youv’e got JaMarcus Russell & Darren McFadden. If you drafted Crabtree you’d have quite a trio.
7San Francisco 49ers
DT Terrence Cody
The more and more I think about the more I realize that every NFL team wants Cody. He would fill up two gaps on the D-line and shut down the run.
8Houston Texans
DE Tyson Jackson
What? Why take Jackson? They already have Mario Williams. Well think about having two great pass rushing defensive ends? Wow.
9Cleveland Browns
Knowshon Moreno
The Browns already have a big bruising running back in Jamal Lewis. By adding Moreno they’d have a great change of pace back.
10Jacksonville Jaguars
DT Terrence Taylor
I spoke to our Jaguars blogger and she thinks the Jags need a D-lineman. I can’t argue with our experts and Taylor is the best available.
11San Diego Chargers
Ray Mauluaga
The Chargers have been a big disappointment this year and never thought they’d be drafting here. Why not take one of the best LBs?
12New Orleans Saints
DE Brian Orakpo
Orakpo would finally give the Saints somebody on defense that could get to the opposing QB, which is a big need in New Orleans.
13Green Bay Packers
OT Ciron Black*
The running lanes for Ryan Grant aren’t as big this year and it’s forcing the Packers to rely on Aaron Rodgers to try to win games. Bring in Black.
14Detroit Lions
(0-10, Via Cowboys)
CB Malcolm Jenkins
Ohio State
I had Jenkins going tot he Cowboys last time around, because I forgot about the Lions acquiring this pick. The more and more I think about it why wouldn’t the Lions take Jenkins? He’s the best available at this time at #14.
15Buffalo Bills
CB Alphonso Smith
Wake Forest
The Bills still need some help in the secondary (who doesn’t?) and would love to take Smith here midway thru Rd 1.
16Chicago Bears
S Taylor Mays*
Mays is as big as a linebacker and with some insight from our Bears blogger I know that the Bears need a safety.
17Minnesota Vikings
QB Mark Sanchez
Like I said in my last mock draft, just call this a hunch. Sanchez would bring a strong arm to a struggling Minnesota passing game.
18Philadelphia Eagles
DE Michael Johnson
Georgia Tech
The Eagles love lineman in the first round of the NFL Draft and Johnson would be a “best available” pick under this scenario.
19Denver Broncos
S William Moore
Another team that needs big time help in the secondary. The Broncos can’t stop anyone defensively right now.
20Miami Dolphins
DE George Selvie
South Florida
The Dolphins still need a big pass rusher to get to the QB. Why leave the state of Florida looking for one? Selvie is a beast.
21Indianapolis Colts
James Laurinaitis
Ohio State
The Colts would run up to the commissioner before a second even ran off the clock. This is a perfect fit and HUGE steal.
22Atlanta Falcons
LB Aaron Curry
Wake Forest
Curry would stop the run for the Falcons and their defense to win games instead of relying on Matt Ryan to do so.
23New England Patriots (6-4)CB Darius Butler
The Patriots could use a cornerback and Butler would be a nice selection towards the end of round one.
24Baltimore Ravens
RB Chris Wells
Ohio State
McGahee…Rice…McClain. This pick probably makes no sense to a lot of you guys. McGahee has disappointed some, and Rice is not an every down back.
25Washington Redskins
CB Victor Harris
Virginia Tech
Harris would help a secondary that has to deal with Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, and Tony Romo a total of six times a year.
26New York Jets
DE Greg Hardy
Ole Miss
If he ever gets healthy Hardy is almost a sure first round pick. He can rush the passer as well as any DE in college right now.
27Arizona Cardinals
LB Brandon Spikes*
The Cardinals need a middle linebacker, considering Gerald Hayes isn’t exactly a superstar. Spikes would a decent pickup late in round one.
28Tampa Bay Bucs
WR Jeremy Maclin*
After talking to our Bucs blogger here at Fansided I agree that the Bucs need a WR. Maclin can really change the game in so many ways, it’s amazing.
29Pittsburgh Steelers
CB Mike Mickens
The one thing we know about the rough/tough defenses of the AFC is that you can never have enough defensive backs.
30Philadelphia Eagles
(6-3; Pick via Car)
OT Phil Loadholt
An offensive lineman makes sense here for the Eagles, especially after going D-line with their first pick. At least Carolina isn’t giving up a high pick here.
31New York Giants
LB Darry Beckwith
The Giants grab a linebacker to make their defense even better late in round one. Beckwith acts like the kind of play Tom Coughlin wants on his team.
32Tennessee Titans
WR Percy Harvin
Harvin is too great of a playmarker to pass up for the Titans. He would be a deep threat that could also run the reverse and open up their offense.