Here's our newest feature here at Mocks, the "best of the worst" power ran..."/> Here's our newest feature here at Mocks, the "best of the worst" power ran..."/>

The Best of the Worst Power Rankings: Lions are on top


Here’s our newest feature here at Mocks, the “best of the worst” power rankings. Who is the worst team in the NFL? Well the Lions are certainly on their way to proving they deserve the #1 pick.

Remember this isn’t based off of the current NFL standings for the top of the draft, it’s power rankings of the NFL’s worst teams. Teams will not be ranked by record.

The Lions just keep proving they want to go 0-16 don’t they? And on Thanksgiving we get treated to a possible meeting between the 11-0 Titans and the 0-11 Lions.

Man I can’t wait to eat turkey and watch that game…….NOT. Please let Detroit get some talent before then.

A few more thoughts before we get on to the rankings:

1) St. Louis, please field a NFL team the next time you want to step on the field.
2) Kansas City is improving faster than any team below. The Chiefs are competitive week in and week out.
3) Oakland’s offense is still missing in action.

On to the rankings:

1Detroit Lions0-9I guess nobody could expect Daunte Culpepper to come in off the street and save the Lions season. It was a nice thought though. Lions fans start thinking about who you want to take #1 overall.
2St. Louis Rams2-7Wait, how are they above Cincy and KC (or below depending on how you look at it) even though they have a better record? Maybe because they gave up 40 points in the first half and lost by 44 to the Jets, who aren’t exactly a powerhouse. Wow.
3 Kansas City Chiefs1-8For the second straight week the Chiefs blew a game that they really deserved to win. The good news is that Tyler Thigpen is developing nicely, at least for a 1-8 team.
4Cincinnati Bengals1-8The Bengals actually won their last game, and their off this week so they at least keep their winning ways alive for another week. They are really too talented offensively to be scoring like they are, and it’s the main reason they are 1-8.
5Oakland Raiders2-7Once again they weren’t really in the game this week. Ever since beating the Jets they have fallen to Atlanta in a blowout and the Pantehrs. Their offense has been absolutely terrible and now here comes red hot Miami.

On the Cusp: Seattle Seahawks (2-7), San Francisco 49ers (2-6; they play on MNF),