Breaking Down the Top of the Draft


This feature will get easier and easier to do each week, and I will go farther in depth as the season progresses. Right now this is just early thoughts.

1. Detroit Lions (0-8): Lions fans weren’t very happy with my last mock draft when I had Ray Mauluaga going #2 overall to the Kitty Cats. The needs in Detroit are endless, that’s the problem. Is Dan Orlovsky the answer at quarterback or is Drew Stanton the answer? The problem is that Orlovsky has already been replaced by shoo-in Daunte Culpepper (even though he is injured as well) and Stanton hasn’t even been given a shot. So do the Lions go quarterback in the first round? Maybe even running back? The best choice is probably just to solidify their offensive line by drafting an offensive tackle, but which one? Michael Oher or Andre Smith? The more and more video I watch, the more I like Andre Smith from Alabama.

The Pick: Andre Smith (OT, Alabama)

2. Cincinnati Bengals (1-7): And as Bengal fan watching the 2009 NFL Draft you’d be pretty upset right now. The Bengals want Andre Smith. He would help their running game (finally a running game in Cincinnati) and help protect Carson Palmer. The Bengals two star wide receivers might actually be able to make plays if Palmer has time to throw. But don’t fear Bengals fans, because there are two great offensive tackles in this draft. Michael Oher wouldn’t been a top ten pick in last year’s NFL Draft, and now he’s finally leaving Mississippi. He could even almost be called a “steal” at #2 overall, if that’s even possible.

The Pick: Michael Oher (OT, Mississippi)

3. Kansas City Chiefs (1-7): Everyone has the Chiefs taking a quarterback in the first round. It’s hard to determine right now if Herm Edwards thinks Brodie Croyle the QB of the future for the Chiefs, but it’s looking more and more likely that he isn’t. Tyler Thigpen hasn’t played well either and we’ve seen Damon Huard try to play quarterback the entire time he’s been in this league. Just to sum it up nicely, he’s failed. Matthew Stafford from Georgia would be a nice choice here, but he does need to tone his skills quite a bit.

The Pick: Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia)