The new big board is up here at! The new mock draft is coming soon as well, ..."/> The new big board is up here at! The new mock draft is coming soon as well, ..."/>

The New Big Board: Oher is #1


The new big board is up here at! The new mock draft is coming soon as well, but I figured I would run down the big board quickly.

1.OT Michael Oher (Ole Miss): He’s the most physically demanding player in college football. If I had to start a team with any player in college football right now I’d choose Oher.

2. OT Andre Smith (Alabama): A lot of experts–hello’s Todd McShay–believe that Smith is the best player available. Living in Alabama, I see quite a bit of him. He’s what makes the Crimson Tide’s running game tick.

3. WR Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech): Everyone knows by now that I think he’s the one and only can’t miss prospect in this draft. Breaking news, he just scored again on Kansas.

4. LB Ray Mauluaga (USC): He’s easily the best linebacker available in this entire draft. Mauluaga can make big players and stop the run, while also defending the pass. I love watching him play.

5. LB James Lauriniatis (Ohio State): He was the best linebacker prospect in the preseason but Mauluaga appears to have surpassed him. When the two teams met on the same field it was Mauluaga that outshined Lauriniatis.

6. CB Michael Jenkins (Ohio State): Jenkins appears to be one of the only shutdown corners available in the draft. He should go top ten overall in April, because so many teams need secondary help.

7. DE Michael Johnson (Georgia Tech): His skills are still raw but he’s extremely talented. If he gets in the right system he can become a dominant pass rusher in the NFL.

8. QB Matthew Stafford (Georgia): He’s got a strong arm but he needs to work on his accuracy. If he keeps improving then a lot of teams will want to take him to be their QB of the future.

9. DE George Selvie (South Florida): Either you like Selvie and think he can be an NFL player or you don’t. I’ve read a lot of stuff from people that are high on him and I’ve read stuff from a lot of people that aren’t.

10. CB Vontae Davis (Illinois): Davis is the second shut down corner on this list. I like his chances of being a top 15 pick in April’s draft. Depending on who you talk to he may even be the best corner available.