Ball State Wide Receiver sees NFL Dreams End


I’m not sure if anyone has heard about Ball State wide receiver Dante Love or not but he’s just like any other college senior. He had dreams of playing football past college in the National Football League and in April those dreams were more than likely going to come true.

Instead one play likely ended those dreams for good, and will probably stop him from ever stepping out on a football field ever again.

Love broke his spine and suffered a spinal cord injury in a game Saturday night against Indiana. It will probably be the last football play of his entire life.

To let you know how severe things got the first sentence of the Associated Press’ story on Love’s injury states that “he is expected to live a healthy, normal life.”

Love is suppose to be moved out of critical care on Monday but head coach Brady Hoke said he had no idea when he would actually be released from the hospital.

Love probably would’ve went between rounds 4-7 in the 2009 NFL Draft. Just this year alone he had 28 catches for 460 yards, and 3 TDs but those numbers are nothing compared to his career stats. In his career he had 199 receptions for 2,778 yards and 20 TDs. There’s no doubt that the 22 year old was a great player at Ball State.

We all love the sport of football but when something like this happens we all need to sit back and remember that this is a violent game where bad things can happen. Thank you for all the memories on the football field Dante, I’m sure you will be successful in wherever your life takes you from here.

Here’s a tribute to Dante Love on the football field, along with a video on the injury he suffered.