3 College Football Injuries that will be big difference makers


A lot of big time college football players have been injured this spring as college football teams continue to prepare for the upcoming season. Here’s a look at the three biggest:

1. Percy Harvin’s Heel Injury: Harvin is known for his breakaway speed and amazing plays in the open field, but head coach Urban Meyer was very concerned about his star’s heel injury. He’s been easing Harvin back very slowly. Here’s the latest from Urban Meyer (thanks to the Tampa Tribune).

"“He’s doing tremendous,” Meyer said. “What happens with skilled athletes, and you see it all the time – especially with the race-horse-type guys – if they hurt a certain part of their body, another part of their body takes over and then you start having the hip flexors, hamstring issues, quad issues. So we’re being very cautious.”"

Hopefully when Florida takes the field in 16 days Harvin’s injury won’t even be a factor.  The Gators better hope so since they’ve already lost 5 players to ACL injuries this spring.

2. Cornelius Ingram’s ACL Injury: Just another quick Florida injury update. This is huge for the Gators because Ingram was one of Tim Tebow’s favorite targets. He was one of the 5 Florida players that injured their ACL this spring.

What a lot of people don’t know about Ingram is that he went to Gainesville as a wide receiver but Meyer quickly made him one of the nation’s most dangerous tight ends. Meyer said he could appeal the NCAA for another year of eligibility but he’s probably going to the NFL after the season.

3. Georgia’s Trinton Sturdivant’s Knee Injury: Sturdivant was Georgia’s best offensive lineman and at left tackle he was one of the leaders on the offense.

I realize all these guys are from the SEC but these are the three biggest I can think of. I expect all three of these to make a big difference when the games are played out this fall. Sturdivant’s might leave the biggest hole of all. I’m sure Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford aren’t sleeping as well as they were before his injury.