What Would Favre in Tampa Mean?


Brett Favre is on his way out of Green Bay, that’s the one thing we know in this ongoing saga at the moment. And we know that the team most likely to land #4 is Tampa Bay.

What would it mean for Tampa Bay if they were able to land the legend? Would it mean a Super Bowl berth?

It’s hard to say, but it would help them compete with New Orleans for the NFC South crown but to be honest it is far from a given that they’d win the division with Favre at the helm. Nothing against Carolina either, because the Panthers have quite a bit of talent too.

What it does do is put the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl discussion. Are they class of the NFC? Not yet. Dallas, New York, New Orleans, and perhaps even Green Bay are still given that honor, but it would make Tampa Bay a true contender and not just an easy out on wildcard weekend.

Chris Simms and Jeff Garcia would probably be on their way out of Tampa Bay if Favre joins the squad. Miami, New York (Jets), Chicago, and Minnesota might be suitors for the two proven quarterbacks that never seemed to be able to grab a foothold on the starting spot while in a Buccaneers jersey.

Expect the Favre circus to play out in the next few days with him heading either to the Buccaneers or Jets. If he heads to Tampa then at least Favre will begin and end his career in the jersey of a team with “Bay” in their name.

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