Busy Day in the NFL: Favre Texts?


Brett Favre texts Ted Thompson (reportedly): According to sources, nobody has actually confirmed this, Brett Favre texted Ted Thomspon on Tuesday. Nobody knows what the text message says. Nobody knows if it even happened, but Thompson’s supposive reply was hilarious. It was something along the lines of I’m on vacation, we will discuss this matter later. (This actually means I”m working on my sun tan, and this is the day you decide to text me? Go retire!)

I still think we are losing sight the significane of this. Brett Favre is 38 years old and he texts. Our society has officially gone bonkers.

Texting is suppose to be for the younger people of our generation, not for 38 year old men that have just retired from their NFL career.

It will be interesting to see what Favre does. Will he come out of retirement? Will he sail into the sunset? Who knows, this story is just getting started.

Michael Vick Files for Bankruptcy: Hmmm…….well let me say this. Karma comes back and bites you where it hurts eventually and that is what has happened here.

Tony Gonzalez saves a man’s life: This story actually broke over the weekend but Tony Gonzalez saved a Chargers fans life. That’s how the story read, although I’m not sure exactly why it mattered at all what kind of fan he was. I mean it’s not like Gonzalez is going to play against him on the field.

Gonzalez did the Heimlich maneuver to save Ken Hunter’s life at a restaurant where both were dining. Gonzalez was actually sitting behind Hunter when all of a sudden he began choking.

I just wanted to congratulate Gonzalez, and thank him for being a great guy and giving kids someone to look up to. We need more NFL players like him.