You're the Man-ning


At one time it looked like Peyton Manning may never win a playoff game. It also looked like Eli Manning’s time as a starter in the Big Apple was running short on time, because the Giants were running short on wins.

Now both have Super Bowl rings, and they won them in back to back seasons.

It’s quite an amazing story really. The Mannings’ remind me of a real life Brady Bunch, as we watch them grow up and perform before our eyes. Peyton is the prolific passer, and will probably go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Eli’s legacy is still growing but it appears the younger Manning has finally found his legs in a league that many don’t get comfortable in quickly enough.

Eli found his just in time to save his career and lead the Giants on a fantastic playoff run with road wins at Tampa Bay, Dallas, and Green Bay in heavy snow. Peyton’s was a little easier as far as traveling, since his Colts had homefield advantage. Even with all that he had to overcome his nemesis, Tom Brady and the Patriots, with a great comeback in the AFC Championship game.

Now that both have raised the Lombardi Trophy and had their “Steve Young” moments (the monkey is off their backs) they have to look ahead to the future.

At 32 years old Peyton probably has four to five more years ahead of him before he rides into the sunset, he’s just hoping he has another ring or two to show for it. Eli is just 27 and has a young team around him, and although he is the less talented brother he probably has the better chance to win more Super Bowls in this personal battle between the two brothers.

The two have met only once in their careers but another battle should come two years from now based on the NFL’s rotating schedule that pins a different AFC division with a different NFC division every year. Unless they decide to meet in a Super Bowl sometime soon.

“I have never beaten Peyton in anything,” Eli said before their 2006 matchup to begin their regular seasons. Peyton won that matchup like everything else, when the Colts prevailed 26-21.

As a guy that is currently doped up on lortab (I had leg surgery yesterday) any predictions I make now can’t be held against me, unless of course they come true. I think Peyton will win his second Super Bowl this season, but I never see Eli winning another one.

The former Tennessee QB has all the intangibles I’d want in a quarterback, and I personally believe he is the best that has ever taken the field. It’s hard to believe he’s already 32. Eli is still learning but just doesn’t play like a guy I’d expect to win multiple Super Bowls, but who knows. Maybe winning his first Super Bowl will give him a new confidence that will show during his play next year.

Whatever happens, it will surely be fun to watch the rest of the Manning’s careers.