Six Teams That would love to have a guy named Favre


Now that Brett Favre is talking reinstatement many rumors have started. A lot of experts are under the impression that Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson doesn’t want Favre back, thinking that even if the future Hall of Famer elected to return to the NFL that he would instead decide to go with Aaron Rodgers as his quarterback. That would mean declining Favre the honor of another year chasing a Super Bowl title in a Packers uniform, which is surpisising to many.

When is the right time to move on for Green Bay? If Favre decides to return do they give him one more chance to lead them to the Promise Land or do they start Aaron Rodgers and prepare for the future? Most people in Green Bay believe the future is now, even with Rodgers starting at quarterback. Many feel like the difference between Favre and Rodgers is not as much as you might think.

If Green Bay does elect to release Favre, or even trade him then a lot of teams will probably consider going after him. Here’s my list of six that would probably be interested.

1. Miami Dolphins: I would love this move for Miami. They have three young quarterbacks on their roster; John Beck (26), Josh McCown (29), Chad Henne (23). Bringing in a veteran like Favre for one or two seasons would give the others a chance to learn the offense and learn behind one of the greatest of all-time. Mechanics isn’t something you’d like them to learn from Favre, but he could teach a lot to the youngsters…like how to run the MIami offense as well as anyone that has ever played the game.

2. San Francisco 49ers: It seems everyone agrees that the Alex Smith situation isn’t working out and it’s about time San Francisco did something about it. They’ve got some talent and they can compete for the NFC West crown, as they did in Smith’s only decent season in the league. Bringing in Favre would strengthen their biggest weakness and it would give the 49ers a chance to evaluate what they’ve got with a great quarterback at the helm. Plus it would give them time to find their QB of the future through the NFL Draft or free agency.

3. Minnesota Vikings: This could only happen if Green Bay released Favre because the Packers would NEVER trade him to a division rival but the Vikings don’t feel like they’ve found their QB of the future yet. Tavaris Jackson might be that guy, but they won’t know unless they give him a chance. Signing Favre would be more like an insurance policy in case Jackson didn’t work out but we all know that Brett will never come back just to be a backup. I think Minnesota would start him and let Jackson learn behind the veteran.

4. Chicago Bears: Green Bay would have to release Favre for him to be on the Bears roster by the time the season starts, because Green Bay would NEVER trade him to a division rival. Neither Rex Grossman or Kyle Orton have been impressive so far and Chicago is tired of waiting on them to develop. Two years ago Chicago was basically a QB away from really competing with Indianapolis for the Super Bowl, but Grossman struggled and the Colts dominated the game.

5. Atlanta Falcons: Yes ,why not the team that originally drafted Favre? Rookie usually struggle when they start right away so giving Matt Ryan a year or two to develop would be nice, although it would delay the healing from the Michael Vick situation a little bit. Atlanta doesn’t have the talent to win now so Favre probably wouldn’t be happy signing in Atlanta. If it was his only choice he’d probably be a lot more willing to take the offer, depending on how big his “itch” to play again really is.

6. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers already have an aging starter at QB, Jake Delhomme (33). Delhomme’s injuries keep hampering Carolina’s seasons and the Panthers are nearing the time to move on with their franchise. Favre would be a great one to two year replacement for Carolina and I’m sure Steve Smith would be very excited. Nothing personal against Delhomme.

Others who might be interested: Philadelphia, NY Jets, Kansas City, Tampa Bay, Oakland, Baltimore