The Week That Was in Football


This Week’s Top Story:

Let’s jump right into the biggest story from the last week in the NFL. Brett Favre may return. Green Bay fans sit down. No stand up.

Ok well at least breath.

Before any of this gets too carried away Favre has already said that there’s nothing to this “rumor”.

“It’s all rumor,” said Favre in reply to newest buzz around the league.

The reports said that Favre still has the “itch” to play in the NFL. Is this unexpected or something? We all knew Brett wanted to keep playing, he just thought it was time to hang up his shoulder pads. We all knew when he retired there would be some doubt in his mind to whether or not he made the right decision.

From there it seemed everyone had a different opinion on whether or not Favre could actually stay away from the game.

Favre will probably stay retired just because he is so hardheaded. He doesn’t want anyone in the media to be right and he doesn’t want to have to come back and then answer questions about why he couldn’t stay away.

His last pass ever was an interception, and just to be clear I think that will still be his last pass five years from now. Favre is serious about this, he’s not coming back (at least I don’t think).

NFL Quick Hits:

1. Marshawn Lynch’s driver’s license has been revoked after a hit and run incident in Buffalo last month. “It was raining real hard, there was a dancing pedestrian in the middle of the street,” Lynch said. “I slowed down to let her go and continued on my way home. I didn’t know my car had hit anyone or anything.” My comment on this? No comment at all.

2. Running back Kevin Jones appears to be working hard a NFL job. Miami, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, and Detroit all sent representatives to watch him work out this past week. The kid is a decent running back, he should have a job soon. Miami might want to grab him, the Dolphins have an injury prone running back in Ronnie Brown and a big question mark in Ricky Williams. At least Jones will run hard.

3. In a very sad story to me the New York Giants released quarterback Jared Lorenzen. This probably means absolutely nothing to the average fan, but I watched the kid’s entire career at Kentucky and I was amazed that a quarterback as large as Lorenzen could make it in this league. Hopefully he will resurface somewhere in the league. The signing of another Kentucky quarterback, Andre Woodson, is probably what forced the Giants to cut Lorenzen.

College Football Notes:

1. Georgia defensive end Michael Lemon has been charged with a felony after a fight last week with another student of the University of Georgia. The last thing Georgia needs as the favorites to win the national championship is distractions and this is a major one. Please remember that Lemon has not been proven guilty, I’m just saying whatever happens this is the last thing UGA needs right now.

2. Virginia Tech wide receiver Brandon Dillard will miss the entire season after rupturing his achilles tendon. This is really really bad news for the Hokies, who are still trying to decide on a quarterback. Dillard was expected to be one of their top receivers. In the spring game he ran 49 yards on a reverse and even caught a 25 yard touchdown. Rest up Brandon and get ready for 2008, I for one know how hard it is to deal with an injury that causes you to miss an entire season.

3. All that brings me to Alabama linebacker Jimmie Johns….or should I say former Alabama linebacker Jimmie Johns. I live in Alabama so I know all about his career. He was suppose to star at running back but failed there. Then they moved him to linebacker to give him a fresh start but he screwed that up by selling cocaine. I don’t get it, I hope your happy Jimmie.

4. Michigan running back Kevin Grady was arrested for Wednesday on a drunken driving charge. Grady missed all of last season with a knee injury (he injured the knee in spring drills). So how does he show new coach Rich Rodriguez what he can do when he’s finally healthy? Well, I for one am not exactly impressed.

The Countdown:
To NFL Preseason: 31 days (1 month)
To College Football Season: 56 days
To NFL season: 63 days