BCS Bowl Projections: July 1st


Is it already time for a early look at the 2009 BCS Bowl picture? Of course not. With less than two months before college football season kicks off it’s time to get started looking ahead. In my power rankings I stated that about five teams could argue they should be ranked #1 to begin this season.

USC has a tough game in week two against Ohio State but if the Trojans are able to survive then they will be in the driver’s seat for a trip to the national title game (assuming they take care of the Pac 10). That might seem tougher than people think, most of the losses for USC during the last five seasons have been to conference foes. The Florida-Georgia winner also will probably be in good shape, depending on how well they play the rest of their SEC schedule. Both also have their non conference battles, Florida takes on Miami and Georgia takes on Ohio State. The Big 12 winner will also be in the mix, and maybe even the conference champion in a weak ACC (like Clemson).

Non BCS teams will be trying to crash the BCS party. BYU, Utah, and Fresno State are the favorites to do so before the season although a new team will probably jump into the mix somewhere along the way.

Last season the BCS Championship game wasn’t decided until the final games of the regular season, when both #1 Missouri and #2 West Virginia lost. This year will probably be just as fun to watch. If everything works out the way I think below then five of these teams will be playing during the last weekend of the regular season (OU, Mizz, Fla, USC, Clem).

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Onto the projections:

BCS National Championship Game

Jan. 8
BCS #1 vs. BCS #2
Comment: USC beats Ohio State in their regular season meeting, beating the Trojans in the national title game. Florida wins the SEC East by beating Georgia and then wins the SEC Championship game.
Orange Bowl
Jan. 1
Comment: We project Clemson to win the ACC Championship game. BYU will go undefeated, win the Mountain West and crash the BCS party.
Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 5
Comment: Oklahoma wins the Big 12 Championship game over Missouri. West Virginia wins the Big East once again. This is a repeat of last year’s game.
Rose Bowl
Jan. 1
Comment: USC wins the Big Ten and goes to the national title game, leaving this spot for the Pac 10’s second place team, Arizona State. Ohio State wins a close Big Ten race and misses out on the title game because of their loss to USC in week two.
Sugar Bowl
Jan. 2
New Orleans
Comment: Georgia loses to Florida and finished second in the SEC East, but with just one loss it gets them an at large bid. Missouri loses the Big 12 title game to Oklahoma again but gets an at large bid this time around.