Underclassmen decisions will determine 09 draft's strength


The decisions of a lot of underclassmen will determine whether or not the 2009 NFL Draft is strong or weak.

On my big board of the best players in the draft I have used every player that is eligible to enter the draft and five of my top 10 can return to school next fall.

The decisions of guys like Michael Crabtree, Matthew Stafford, Percy Harvin, Tim Tebow, Knowshon Moreno and Andre Smith will be important for the 2009 draft. If they return to school then Florida will have another national title run in them, as will Georgia, and the Crimson Tide and Red Raiders will keep their most talented player for another season.

If these guys decide to enter the draft then NFL teams will have some extremely talented guys to choose from. Here’s the VERY early lowdown on what I think these guys will decide:

Michael Crabtree: NFL–I really think he is the most talented receiver to come out in years. He’s electric and extremely fast. He has a huge body and he reminds me of Terrell Owens. I think once NFL teams realize his true potential that he will decide to leave. Please note he was a redshirt freshman so he is eligible to leave as a sophomore.

Percy Harvin: College–Once Tebow (read below for more) decides to return I don’t think Harvin will leave. He’s very very quick but probably needs to work on proving he has the size to be an elite NFL receiver and not just a playmaker on kick returns and quick passes.

Tim Tebow: College–If this guy leaves then I don’t see anybody returning. He loves the University of Florida way too much to leave. He might be going for his third Heisman Trophy by then as well, and maybe even his third national title in four years.

Knowshon Moreno: College–The Georgia running back showed his extreme talent at the end of last season, and he was also redshirted as a freshman. I don’t think he plays as well as he did last year, although he will be great, and will stay until his Junior season.

Andre Smith: NFL–The Alabama offensive tackle has been amazing since he signed with the Crimson Tide. I think he’s got to go, he’s been fantastic and will be great on a NFL offensive line. If he returns a lot of Crimson Tide fans will be very happy next season.

Matthew Stafford: NFL–Stafford has a very strong arm and looks like he can be a franchise type quarterback in the NFL. I have watched many videos on him and although he has to work on his decision making, I believe he will be just fine if he decides to leave.

Others whose decisions will affect the 2009 NFL Draft are:
Jeremy Maclin, Sam Bradford, Brandon Spikes, Myron Rolle, Gregg Middleton