Brodie Croyle will be the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, and there's no doubt ..."/> Brodie Croyle will be the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, and there's no doubt ..."/>

Croyle is starting QB for Chiefs…. Why?


Brodie Croyle will be the starting quarterback for the Chiefs, and there’s no doubt about it.

The Kansas City Star reported on Thursday that the Chiefs are having a quarterback battle, but it isn’t for the the starting spot. No instead it is for the No. 2 spot on the depth chart. That’s because Brodie Croyle has already been rewarded the starting job by head coach Herm Edwards.

“It’s his team now,” Edwards said. “But he knows that, really to win them over, he’s got to win.”

Nothing against Croyle but I followed his college career at Alabama very closely and never saw him as an NFL quarterback. Even when asking the biggest Crimson Tide fans I know about Croyle’s starting role in Kansas City all I get is remarks like, “Croyle a QB? In the NFL? (laughter)” or “he will never make it.”

I agree completely, and being a Florida Gators fan I don’t often agree with my Crimson Tide brethren.

This time around I do though.

Why? Well every time I drive around my hometown, about 30 minutes from Tuscaloosa, I always see a bumper sticker that says “honk if you sacked Brodie.” That’s because during his senior season, in his final Iron Bowl game, Croyle was sacked seven times against in state rival Auburn. He was completely immobile and actually ran into quite a few sacks.

It’s actually one of the more talked about game’s in the rivalries recent history, and considering Auburn has dominated it the last five years there isn’t a whole lot of things for Crimson Tide fans to discuss that have went well. That leaves Croyle’s final Iron Bowl as the main thing Alabama fans like to complain about constantly.

Croyle has not been impressive in the 11 NFL games he has played in either. As he enters his third season in the league the 25 year old will still have to deal with the fact that he’s thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. For the record that’s six touchdowns, and eight interceptions for Kansas City’s starting quarterback.

I can’t believe I’m using starting quarterback and Brodie Croyle in the same sentence.

I know that young quarterbacks have to get on the field in order for the team to know whether or not they are the longterm answer, but I just don’t know what Kansas City has seen in Croyle to point them in that direction.

I really have nothing against the guy. He’s a great competitor and he seems like a smart kid. He makes good decisions on the field most of the time, but is inaccurate and doesn’t have an overpowering arm.

Throwing to Tony Gonzalez and Dwayne Bowe will certainly help Croyle. Gonzalez is experienced and will run be a great target when the young quarterback finds himself in trouble. Bowe is growing up in a hurry and has developed into one of the better young NFL receivers. Last year the two combined to catch 169 passes for 2,167 yards and 10 touchdowns.

That’s more touchdowns that Croyle has thrown in his entire NFL career, although it has been in limited playing time.

Let me say this Chiefs fans. Croyle was a third-round pick out of Alabama, meaning this isn’t a situation where you have to play the guy because he has already signed a huge rookie contract. Why are they already announcing Croyle their starter? Why not let some guys come in and fight over it? That’s the main thing I don’t understand, but there’s a reason Edwards (who I like a lot) is an NFL coach and why I’m not.

Maybe it will work out for the Chiefs. Maybe Croyle will be amazing and develop into one of the better young NFL quarterbacks over night. I just don’t see it happening.

Edwards says famously that “you play to win the game”, so maybe Kansas City can figure out a way to win “the game” with Brodie Croyle under center. Good luck.