Chicago, What's Your Forte?


By now you’ve all heard of the Cedric Benson situation, and by now you’ve all given your various opinions on the Bears running back and Chicago’s decision to release him.

Truth is Chicago was forced to given Benson every chance to succeed. Thomas Jones had a terrific 2006 season but Chicago had already drafted Cedric Benson as their longtime answer at running back and given him a huge rookie contract.

So Chicago released Jones.

Benson had every chance to prove he could be the franchise running back in 2007. Instead in 11 games last season he ran for just 694 yards (a 3.4 average).

Then he got arrested twice within a month for boating while intoxicated and driving under the influence. The Bears cut him after the second arrest, leaving their running back position wide open.

So what’s your Forte Chicago?

That’s right. Matt Forte, rookie running back from Tulane, will more than likely be the starter. Adrian Peterson is the other option but he’s had his chances before and he’s never proven that he can handle the load.

Forte rushed for 2,127 yards and 23 touchdowns his senior season. The question is whether or not he can handle being an every down NFL running back.

Chicago Bears coaches believe he can.

He’s very quick and always keeps his legs driving. I enjoyed watching him run at Tulane, although to be honest we don’t get to see many Conference USA games nationwide. UAB is very close to where I live so I have had the opportunity to watch him play a few times.

To me his best performance was in New Orleans against LSU. He only ran for 73 yards on 16 carries but proved he could run against the nation’s best defense.

This kid has the talent to be a NFL running back but you have think that even in his greatest dreams he never imagined he’d be in a position where he would start right away. In Chicago he probably won’t get much help though, even if he is the next Adrian Peterson.

Peterson was in a position where he was the only offensive option for Minnesota, because Tavaris Jackson has not developed into a NFL quarterback. In Chicago their quarterback situation is a joke, as the Bears go back and forth between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton.

Hopefully Forte is the option for the Bears because if he isn’t Chicago’s defense better be better than they were two years ago, when they led Chicago to the Super Bowl.

So Chicago, what’s your Forte? Hopefully a guy named Matt.