Nov 23, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Indiana Hoosiers wide receiver Shane Wynn (1) runs with the ball after a catch and tries to avoid Ohio State Buckeyes linebacker Ryan Shazier (2) in the first quarter of the game at Ohio Stadium. Ohio State Buckeyes beat Indiana Hoosiers 42-14. Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowksi-USA TODAY Sports

2014 NFL Draft Grade: Pittsburgh Steelers Select Ryan Shazier

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Ryan Shazier with the 15th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.


Another tough one to grade here, but I’ll give it a C. The Steelers are such an interesting team to pick because you just never know where they’ll go. Is this a surprise? You can weigh in below in the comments section.


People like Shazier, but I’m just not a fan. It’s hard to see a lot of upside right here, only because his 2013 tape was very rough. They need some speed and depth to that defense. I guess that’s what they’re going for here.


This pick was TOO HIGH. Shazier shouldn’t have gone this high, and I’m concerned that the Steelers reached big time to sure up their defense here. What do you think fans? Do you think this could be a bust?


The Steelers are a team that never pick as planned. I feel that this was a bit of a surprise, but looking at Pittsburgh and the way they draft, you can never write anything in permanently. I like this pick and think that their AFC North rivals should be concerned.

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  • Scott

    This was a horrible pick! Huge need at corner with Dennard sitting there and they pick a position of strength. Could have gotten Shazier after trading back and getting additional picks; Colbert and Tomlin are idiots!

  • Michael Holder

    “I like this pick and think that their AFC North rivals should be concerned”…. yeah right… biggest joke of the night. What an absolute FAIL by the FO … I’m still in shock!

  • Michael Holder

    If the FO wanted a real ILB… they should have jumped all over CJ Mosley when the had a chance. Baltimore’s FO is making ours look like a mentally handicapped group.

  • Paul Ohlott

    Are Colbert and Tomlin drunk ?

  • Paul Ohlott

    Dennard is still there. I guess Worilds can pack his bags. We’ll probably draft a center next because Pouncey’s rookie contract is almost up. I hate that we can’t keep any of the players that we develop.

  • Redd Mahoney

    What’s wrong with you people? Were Ike,Cortez & Shamarko 1st
    round picks?…NO! Ike(4th round) has had a credible NFL career (2
    rings) as a starter and Cotez(4th round) & Shamarko(4th round) are
    young players with promise that the Steelers are counting on to be the
    future of the defense. Does everyone forget about what Seattle’s (#1
    defense) front seven did to Denver’s ( #1 Offense) offensive front? They
    soundly beat them with SPEED!….HELLO! Speed kills and the Steelers
    are loading up baby! A linebacker that runs a 4.3…are you kidding me?
    What tight end/RB is going to out run this kid in coverage?
    Dick Lebeau is gonna be scheming to place Worilds, Jones, Timmons
    & Shazier all over the box. As far as playing young players
    goes…Colbert & Tomlin wouldn’t have selected this kid if they
    didn’t have big plans for him. Lebeau will get him on the field simply
    because….jobs are on the line! So relax Steeler nation…the Steelers
    have a plan.That was only the 1st round pick. It’s still early and they
    will surely address their DB needs in the later rounds.

  • Rob Millburn

    Completely agree, this was a horrible choice!!! The Steelers are weakest at Corner, Ike may have a had a stellar career, but that’s in the past, he’s shell of the player he once was, and Allen, really, you going with that a example. Everyone else in the leage is loking for shutdown corners, with all the rules favoring the QB and WR’s, this is now a PASSING League. I don’t like it since I grew up with the Steelers of the 70′s but it is what it is. Let me run the FO, I could certainly do no worse.

  • Don Of Avalon

    All of you have no idea what u r talking about!!!! Shazier is an animal! He will play inside lb, taking Larry Foote’s/ Vince Williams spot. He is the prototype of the “new NFL”. He can cover backs, te’s, and slot receivers, not to mention rush the passer. This is a VERY deep cb and wr draft year. Be patient…. HATERS!