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2014 NFL Draft: One Bold Prediction For All 32 Teams

So much can happen once the 2014 NFL draft begins.  Here is a prediction for every team once they go on the clock.

Houston Texans:  Will trade back into first round

Chatter it might be, but the Houston Texans should know teams like Cleveland will try to jump ahead of them back into the first round if they don’t take a quarterback early.  That is why they will preempt everybody by doing it first.

St. Louis Rams:  Will take a quarterback with one of first two picks

Sam Bradford likely feels safe for the moment, but he shouldn’t.  The St. Louis Rams can’t afford to be patient with him much longer.  That is why they will put on the full court press by giving him high profile competition with one of their two first round picks.

Jacksonville Jaguars:  Will trade out of the top ten

There is still a lot of work to do on the roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars and that takes more picks in this 2014 NFL draft.  Not only will they likely trade down, but I feel they’ll move out of the top 10 entirely in order to follow the Seahawks mold of stacking picks.

Cleveland Browns:  None of their top three picks will be offensive line

Wide receiver and quarterback are certainly the popular options tagged to the Cleveland Browns as the draft nears but so is offensive line.  So here’s an idea, they won’t go in the trench with any of their top three picks.  I believe the third one will be defense.

Oakland Raiders:  Will draft Derek Carr if they manage to trade down

Matt Schaub has the stage for the moment but the Oakland Raiders can’t afford to put their entire future in his hands.  That is why I believe they will take a quarterback, probably Derek Carr if they managed to trade out of the 5th overall pick.

Atlanta Falcons:  Won’t draft Jadeveon Clowney if they trade up

I still think that the Atlanta Falcons are going to trade up.  Obviously Jadeveon Clowney is the popular choice if they do.  I no longer believe that.  Atlanta will bypass the South Carolina star for either a top offensive tackle or outside linebacker Khalil Mack.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  Are secretly coveting Sammy Watkins

All the hoopla surrounding Johnny Manziel and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes it easy to think they actually will trade up for him to learn behind Josh McCown.  Personally I think it’s a smokescreen to get high enough to land Sammy Watkins who fits exactly what OC Jeff Tedford wants in his receivers:  speed.

Minnesota Vikings:  Will sacrifice a top quarterback to move down

There is no question the Minnesota Vikings need fresh blood at quarterback but here’s a crazy idea.  Not only will they not take one in the first round, I think they might auction one off to another team in order to move down from the 8th overall pick.

Buffalo Bills:  Eric Ebron will be pushed aside for defense

Eric Ebron seems like a consensus lock for the Buffalo Bills at #9 provided they don’t trade up.  I however think they will spurn the tight end for defense, specifcally a linebacker like C.J. Mosley or safety like Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

Detroit Lions:  Will package a prominent player in a trade up

No team likes to part with lots of draft picks.  The Detroit Lions included.  Unfortunately it could take a sizeable package to reach high enough on the board to get Sammy Watkins.  That is why I think they will include a player on their roster as part of the deal.

Tennessee Titans:  End up with Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles isn’t a guarantee but he’s widely favored to go somewhere in the top ten picks of the 2014 NFL draft.  I envision a scenario though where he slides just enough for Ken Whisenhunt and the Tennessee Titans to snag him at #11.

New York Giants:  Draft a wide receiver at #12

Victor Cruz asked for it a couple weeks ago and I believe the New York Giants will answer.  They added to the defense and offensive line in free agency, which is why I feel strongly that the team will seek a new weapon for Eli Manning at wide receiver.

Chicago Bears:  Will draft a running back in the second round

Just about 100% of people agree the Chicago Bears will go defense in the first round, as do I.  That is not up for debate.  On the other hand, I’m of a minority who also feels they’ll pounce on a strong crop of running backs in the second round to load the depth chart behind Matt Forte.

Pittsburgh Steelers:  Take Anthony Barr over secondary

Secondary all the way, right?  That is the prevailing wind regarding the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Meanwhile, I’m of the belief that given the strength of the corner class in this 2014 NFL draft they will take linebacker Anthony Barr if he’s available.  Too talented a pass rusher and too perfect a fit for their scheme.

Dallas Cowboys:  Will trade up instead of down in first round

Jerry Jones has never been shy above making the bold move to give his team a jumpstart.  Things have reached a high water mark for the Dallas Cowboys.  They could be looking for a home run in this draft and I think they will trade up to get it.

Baltimore Ravens:  Trade back to #30 with San Francisco

Ozzie Newsome has never feared drafting late in rounds and I feel his penchant for collecting picks will compel the Baltimore Ravens to move down.  In this case I believe they use the Harbaugh connection with the San Francisco 49ers to do it.

New York Jets:  Spurn Odell Beckham for Justin Gilbert

Odell Beckham Jr. has become a hot target for the New York Jets, at least according to rumor.  Not only do I feel they will pass on him if they trade up, I think they don’t go offense at all and instead get Rex Ryan another corner like Justin Gilbert for that defense.

Miami Dolphins:  Take defense instead of offensive line

Protecting Ryan Tannehill remains a top priority for the Miami Dolphins.  At least you would think that heading into the first round.  I honestly think there might be better options for them available at linebacker, safety and corner than offensive line.

Arizona Cardinals:  Draft Zach Mettenberger

If a torn ACL didn’t hurt the stock of LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, recent reports of back issues certainly have.  Not that it should scare the Arizona Cardinals.  They took a chance on an LSU standout last year and it worked beautifully.  I believe they will do so again.

Green Bay Packers:  Get a wide receiver on Day 2

Every position on defense is up for some help with the Green Bay Packers as is tight end and offensive line.  In spite of all that, Ted Thompson loves to stockpile weapons for Aaron Rodgers.  Expect him to get a wide receiver sometime on Day 2.

Philadelphia Eagles:  Go offense over defense in first round

Chip Kelly runs the show for the Philadelphia Eagles and he is, first and foremost, an offensive guy.  It stands to reason he’ll look to replace DeSean Jackson before worrying about continuing to bolster his as yet pedestrian defense.

Kansas City Chiefs:  Trade out of the first round

Free agency dealt a pretty bad blow to the Kansas City Chiefs and they don’t have a lot of picks in the 2014 NFL draft to replace them.  That is why they will not only trade down, but possibly out of the first round.

Cincinnati Bengals:  Take a quarterback with first pick

Facts are facts.  The Cincinnati Bengals, from a roster perspective is loaded for a deep playoff run.  Quarterback might be their Achilles heel due to the ineffectiveness of Andy Dalton in the playoffs.  That is why the team will draft some competition in the first round.

San Diego Chargers:  Draft a quarterback on Day 2

Philip Rivers had a renaissance season in 2013 for the San Diego Chargers but Father Time continues to chip away at him.  The Bolts have to start thinking about a succession plan and could get started on day 2 of the draft.

New Orleans Saints:  Will make a strong push to get into top 10

Absolutely nobody saw the New Orleans Saints coming when they swiped Jairus Byrd out of free agency.  For some reason I feel it will happen again, this time when the Saints make a splash by getting into the top 10.

Carolina Panthers:  Take tackle over wide receiver

Cam Newton needs weapons at wide receiver.  His lack of them showed up quite clearly in the playoffs.  However, the Carolina Panthers seem to value pass protection first, and with Jordan Gross gone they will look to replace him first.

New England Patriots:  Grab a pass rusher at #29

Did anybody watch the AFC championship.  It wasn’t the absence of Vince Wilfork that killed the New England Patriots but the considerable lack of a pass rush.  Having upgraded their secondary, that is where they must focus next.

San Francisco 49ers:  Move up for Odell Beckham Jr.

All I can keep seeing is the total ineffectiveness of the San Francisco 49ers wide receivers against the Seahawks.  That has to change if they want to reclaim the NFC West.  Odell Beckham Jr. has the speed and escapability to make that happen.

Denver Broncos:  Will trade up for Ryan Shazier

Adding more speed at linebacker is something the Denver Broncos would love and Ryan Shazier is the fastest in the entire 2014 NFL draft.  There is no question Denver is all about this year, so they will move up to get the OhioState product.

Seattle Seahawks:  Defense will get the first pick

Offense certainly looks like its destined for upgrades with the Seattle Seahawks, but one can’t deny the defense suffered considerably more losses in free agency.  That is why the team will look to reload there first before building more around Russell Wilson.

Washington Redskins:  Will move into the first round

They were aggressive in free agency because they didn’t have a first round pick but the Washington Redskins might see an opportunity to land a quality talent.  So I don’t think it’s crazy to see them jumping into the late first round to get one.

Indianapolis Colts:  Won’t make a pick in opening two rounds

Thanks to a series of trades the Indianapolis Colts are very limited in the number of picks for the 2014 draft.  They don’t pick until late in the second round which is why I believe they’ll simply move back to regroup in the third and try to collect some extra choices to continue building their roster.

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