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2014 NFL Draft: Trade Scenarios To Consider

Trades are what will make the 2014 NFL draft one to remember.  Here are some possible scenarios to sift through as the event draws closer.

Buffalo Bills trade for #2 pick to get Greg Robinson or Jadeveon Clowney

The rumor were thought to be smoke at first but it’s clear the Buffalo Bills are dead serious about trying to move up from the 9th pick into the top 5.  Given their needs and the players that might be available they would likely target either defensive Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina or Auburn tackle Greg Robinson.  Clowney would have a chance to pair with Mario Williams and Robinson could improve an offensive line that gave up 48 sacks in 2013.  In order to be assured one of those players, it’s likely the Bills would have to get the #2 pick from St. Louis.

Detroit Lions trade for #3 pick to get Sammy Watkins

Most experts agree wide receiver Sammy Watkins is the best in the 2014 NFL draft and also agree he won’t fall past the 4th overall pick where the Cleveland Browns could pair him with Josh Gordon.  So that puts the Jacksonville Jaguars and their #3 pick in good position.  Among the teams most actively rumored showing interest in getting Watkins is the Detroit Lions who want to put him alongside their own star Calvin Johnson.  Jacksonville has expressed interest in moving down.  The question is can Detroit convince them to fall all the way to #10 and risk missing out on a top quarterback or elite talent like a Khalil Mack?

New York Jets trade with Atlanta Falcons for Mike Evans

Two primary areas need work for the New York Jets roster.  The first is cornerback which remains unsettled following the departures of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie.  However, there is a case to be made that wide receiver or tight end need just as much help.  Most draft experts can see the Jets moving up for somebody like tight end Eric Ebron of North Carolina or corner Darqueze Dennard of MichiganState.  On the other hand, they might have an actual window open to go get Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans.  That Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who hold the 7th overall pick, are favorites to take him.  So the Atlanta Falcons and their 6th pick would be the ones to talk to.  New York has a strong cache of picks at their disposal.  Provided the Falcons are keen on moving down, this is a deal that can happen.

Baltimore Ravens trade with Tennessee Titans for Eric Ebron

Finding Joe Flacco weapons is something the Baltimore Ravens vowed to do in the 2014 NFL draft and word has it they have eyes for tight end Eric Ebron.  His potential as a pass catcher is off the charts and would make a great option in teaming with Dennis Pitta.  Based on projections Ebron is expected to go somewhere between the 9th and 15th selections with the New York Giants at #12 being the popular landing spot.  So if the Ravens are keen on getting their guy, the Tennessee Titans at #11 are the first phone call to make.  The Titans don’t have many draft picks so a deal is definitely worth hearing for them.

San Francisco 49ers trade with Chicago Bears for Justin Gilbert

There is little question the San Francisco 49ers are driven by the success of their defense and the secondary is looking rather thin heading into the draft, particularly at corner.  With five picks in the first three rounds alone they are more than capable of making a jump up the board for a top talent such as Justin Gilbert of OklahomaState, a freak athlete who thrives in press coverage and also offers return ability.  In order to get him a team like the Chicago Bears with the 14th pick are a spot to consider.  They hold a good position because the Pittsburgh Steelers at #15 and Ravens at #17 are both threats to take corners early.

Minnesota Vikings trade 40th pick to Bucs for Mike Glennon

A roaring argument continues about whether the Minnesota Vikings will take a quarterback with the 8th overall pick.  If they don’t then they almost certainly will do so in the 2nd but by wait run the high risk of missing out on the top prospects available and forced to make due with a second tier long shot.  On the other hand, they could take a less traditional route by finding their starter via trade.  Perhaps the best available is Mike Glennon from TampaBay.  He already has starting experience, stands a rangy 6’6″ with a good arm and a clear understanding of how to run an offense efficiently.  Norv Turner could do a lot with him and he’s only 25-years old.  Giving up a second round pick for that might be preferable to starting fresh with a less proven rookie.

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  • 3kolu

    The Buc want a 2nd round pick, we’ll give them our second 3rd rounder, there’s a reason they are shopping him.

    • Babs Boudrie

      Very true

    • Scott

      If the Bucs can get a 2nd round pick from Minnesota why would they even consider your offer of a 3rd rounder?

      • 3kolu

        The big question is “IF”. Once again, there’s a reason they’re are trying to trade him. Just because they are offering Glennon for a second rounder, doesn’t mean they are going to get it. Plus, I’d rather have Ryan mallet for a second or third rounder if the pats put him on the market.

  • Paul Engleson

    Here we go again another stupid pundit telling us what a great idea it would be to get another stupid has been QB when anyone with a brain knows the Vikings will take a QB in the second round. STOP WITH THE STUPID TRADE IDEAS.

    • Erik Lambert

      Why do that when I get such entertaining comments like this.

      • Paul Engleson

        What the Vikings need are a MLB, CB and a QB I am getting sick of hearing trades involving has been QB’s when that had been done over and over again. I am also getting sick of ideas involving getting a RB which we already have as well as WR, DL, TE, ect. I don’t want to hear any more ideas involving retread QB’s it’s insulting. Farve, Randell Cunningham, Donavan McNabb, all come to the Vikings past their prime so don’t even bother bringing up another has been QB trade ok.

        • Erik Lambert

          There’s one problem with your argument, Paul. Mike Glennon is 24-years old.

          • Paul Engleson

            that might be true Eric, but the Vikings need to groom a QB they drafted now that we have Norv. Turner I have faith in our coaches to turn a QB Drafted this Year into a Great QB. I am getting sick of getting other teams QB. Most of them on the last leg of their career. Mike Glennon maybe 24 but I want someone we can call our own. it’s not the same when we get someone from another team. AD is our’s we drafted him he is a Viking not like getting a RB from the Cowboys like Hershall Walker