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Who Should the Buffalo Bills Trade Up For?

As we continue our search for teams that might move up in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills stand out as a potential mover. While they sit nicely inside of the top-10 currently, there might be a little truth to this speculation.

This morning,’s Marc Sessler brought up the same topic, including noting that GM Doug Whaley may have hinted on a local radio show that the team is open to moving up. Here are a few lines from Sessler’s article.

General manager Doug Whaley told WGR-AM in Buffalo on Friday that he hasn’t ruled out a first-round trade for the right player, saying: “If we think this guy is going to get us over the hump and get us into the playoffs, which is our stated goal, then why not make the deal?”

Bills director of player personnel Jim Monos also told the team’s official website that Buffalo sees “five to six” prospects “that we would consider elite.” (h/t

Elite prospects, eh? Let’s take a look at a few guys who might just be those elite prospects.

  • Jadeveon Clowney: While I don’t see the team moving all the way up to #1, they might jump if the elite defensive playmaker falls to #2 or #3. As Erik Lambert noted in a conversation we had, having Clowney next to Mario Williams would be frightening for teams around the East.
  • Khalil Mack: The local Buffalo outside linebacker could play the same role that Clowney would, possibly more effective. Mack would be worth moving as high as #2, where the St. Louis Rams currently sit.
  • Sammy Watkins: The Bills could use a few more threats for E.J Manuel, and Watkins could be the guy they are looking for. Don’t look now, but Whaley and his staff might consider moving up as high as possible to ensure grabbing the potential “franchise-changing” player.
  • Eric Ebron: The Bills wouldn’t want to move too high for Ebron, but they could move up a few slots. Ebron is a guy that will light up highlight reels across the country. If the team really wants a solid weapon for Manuel, they won’t be afraid to move up here.
  • Greg Robinson/Jake Matthews: Help is needed up front in Buffalo. They’ll have to grab a tackle at some point in this draft, and I expect them to take a hard look at these two. Trading up to get a tackle probably wouldn’t be popular with fans, but it makes sense if the Bills staff wants to get their offense moving.
  • Mike Evans: If the team fears that Evans will be gone before they select, I wouldn’t be shocked if they made the move. The huge weapon from Texas A&M is a potential option that could change Manuel’s game completely. This is definitely something to watch.

What do you think, NFL fans? Who makes sense for the Bills in the first round?

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