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Which NFL Draft Teams Can Afford to Wait On Quarterback?

Rumors have begun to spread that some teams in the NFL draft may choose to solve their quarterback problems later.  Which of the top contenders can afford to make that choice?

Houston Texans

This comes down to how much the Houston Texans can trust Bill O’Brien.  He’s a very accomplished offensive coach with a history for elevating quarterbacks.  The team does have the very first pick of the second round so they stand a good chance of landing a decent talent.  Besides, getting a player like Jadeveon Clowney doesn’t come along often.

Waiting Probability:  60%

Jacksonville Jaguars

Free agency has solved a lot of lingering issues for the Jacksonville Jaguars from a roster standpoint.  Their defense got a nice influx of talent and veteran leadership.  They also re-signed Chad Henne who played sufficiently enough last season from a game managing standpoint.  These maneuvers might afford the Jags a chance to land another quality talent, offensively or defensively before going after that young arm.

Waiting Probability:  35%

Cleveland Browns

This is really a unique situation.  The Cleveland Browns have yet another new head coach and GM with a completely new plan in place.  Fans seem content for the team to ride 2013 Cinderella story Brian Hoyer who won three games for them before tearing his ACL.  That however happened under the guidance of former coach Rob Chudzinski.  Even so, the Browns have the luxury of two first round picks and an early second.  They could easily pass on taking one at #4 and even #26, get two solid talents for their sparse offense and add the best quarterback available early in the second.

Waiting Probability:  80%

Minnesota Vikings

Fans are rather split on the situation regarding the Minnesota Vikings.  Like Cleveland they feel the presence of veteran Matt Cassel affords them the excuse to wait until later in the NFL draft to address the problem.  At the same time the team doesn’t pick again until the 8th slot of the second round.  By that point the top talents on the board coach all be gone.  Throw in the fact that Adrian Peterson can’t be expected to carry the load forever and the urgency is clearly felt to solve this quarterback problem first before anything else.

Waiting Probability:  25%

Tennessee Titans

Unlike the other top NFL draft competitors for the quarterbacks, the Tennessee Titans are a real mystery.  Objective views say they need help at the position but some continue to wonder whether new coach Ken Whisenhunt is willing to stick it out with 2011 first round pick Jake Locker.  His physical abilities are considerable and he turns 26 in June.  Whisenhunt has had lots of success developing quarterbacks in the past and Locker was just starting to play well last season before getting hurt.  Still, Tennessee picks later in the second round and does not have a third rounder.  Is patience their best approach?

Waiting Probability: 75%

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  • Daniel Laxen

    So you are saying the Vikings will draft a QB in the 1st round then?…I guess it really depends on how hot the seat under Spielman is. In my opinion, without AP’s 2000 yard season he would be out of Minnesota just like Frazier. What Spielman has done is sign former high draft picks to cheap free agent contracts, that have either failed or been injured. He has wasted money in free agency that’s for sure! Look at the Carlson signing and the Jennings deal last year. Cassel and Ponder again this season? tell me what’s changed?…The Wilfs’ court and stadium battles along with the extension of Childress put them behind the 8 ball after the 2009-10 season…I have since been referring to “Slick” Rick Spielman as the Dollar General Manager…The drafting of Christian Ponder should have been more than enough to call for his firing…Fortunately for Spielman, all you have to do is hit one homerun on draft day at the most important position. He gets one more swing. Either way I’ll be happy. If he misses and gets fired GREAT, I don’t like him!. If he hits on a QB even better that means the Vikings will be relevant for years to come and that’s GREAT from a fans stand point…The man I fee sorry for is Adrian Peterson because by the time the Vikings do something again he will be past his prime. That’s a shame!

    • Erik Lambert

      You’re killing me, man. Loved the nickname. Indeed it seems like a win-win for you.

      • Daniel Laxen

        I wonder how long it takes the Vikings to sign Eli Manning? Mark my words. When he’s done in NY and it won’t be all that long. The Vikings will sign him and hope he can do what Brett Favre did in 09…Look at the track record of this team and their terrible drafting at the QB position. The last decent one was Culpepper and that crew seemed to have enough youth and talent to make a run at immortality. 15-1 and then a great draft of a QB moving on. The sky was the limit! Then the Vikings screwed it up, as usual…It’s a comedy of errors and it continues to this day…

        • Erik Lambert

          It is shocking that they haven’t made a more concerted commitment to the quarterback position high in drafts. They usually seem to have these great teams that are a QB away but find a way to botch it. Not that I’m complaining (as a Bears fan). Shhh.

    • Thomas Waitforit Buege

      In the exact same boat with you Daniel but I think we got lucky as a fan base to get not only a great football minded head coach in Zimmer but to have an equally brilliant football mind in Turner. With these two men our football team is already a hundred times better, plus Zimmer knows what he needs from players and personnel to succeed. With Zimmer’s guidance we got Joseph and Munnerlynn to fill two key wholes we had on defense and we got them fairly cheap. I think this is the beginning of something big and with Zimmer, Turner, and Spielman working together this team can find the right path. The fact that Zimmer and Turner can get production out of B or C+ talent helps Spielman also, he isn’t the greatest GM but he isn’t afraid to do what is necessary to get a particular player and that could be his saving grace or his Achilles Heel and we need to wait and see where that goes. Point is I am really excited about next season….but I hope the Vikings wait and get Savage or Murray in the 3rd and trade down in the first to get CJ Mosley and get a good CB in the 2nd. We will have a great team by the time our new stadium is open and it will be exciting times in MN!!!

  • Letterman007

    I think the Browns will wait and either get one of the two guys Farmer wants at #4, or will trade down a few spots, not very far and get another 2nd rounder or at least more picks! They have to get their QB in their first three picks or he has his eye on a second tier QB !! Plus he already said he likes Marriota and may get a second tier QB this year and shoot to have enough picks to get Marcus next year!!

    • Erik Lambert

      Sounds like a man with a plan thought that is all counting on Mariota progressing from where he was this season. Building the roster is a nice idea but they can’t postpone this search for a quarterback too long.

      • Letterman007

        They will pick a QB in this draft, I just don’t think they are that fond of many in this draft! There are too many top prospects that deserve the higher choices that can enhance the team to pass up!! They, in many experts estimation, are far more worthy of a top draft choice .

        • Erik Lambert

          At #4 for sure but #26 and #35 will depend on who’s available.

          • Letterman007